Let Them Walk – The Gift Of Goodbye

‘Your Destiny Is Not Tied To Anyone That Left’

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When I think of the times I held onto people that had obviously, painfully and often cruelly walked out of my life, I cringe..

Sure it’s sooo painful, but at some point you gain the self respect to know 3 things.

1. You’ve grown apart and it doesn’t work anymore..

2. It’s their loss

3. Whether family, friend or lover … let them walk..

Here’s another great post from Elizabeth Gilbert. regarding ‘the gift of goodbye’

Love and baby steps healing,

SilverGirl x

Dear Ones –

It’s Sunday morning. Let’s go to church!

I LOVE this short but powerful video about letting people go.

We all need to learn this — what Jake calls “the gift of goodbye.”

Because we’ve all had people in our life who left us behind.

Maybe they left without an explanation, or maybe they left with an insufficient explanation, or maybe they left in a cloud of lies and pain.

Maybe it was a family member, maybe it was a lover, maybe it was a friend.

Maybe you ran after them, begging them to stay.

Maybe you’re still calling them in the middle of the night, trying to convince them to come back.

Maybe you’re working on that next ten-page letter — that last effort to save the relationship (despite the fact that none of the other ten-page letters worked.)

Maybe you’re still begging.

(You think I’m judging you? Hell, no! I’m speaking for myself here, too. I’m not gonna name names, but let’s just put it this way: I am not unfamiliar with the act of begging people to stay. You don’t think I can write a ten-page letter trying to save a doomed relationship? Trust me: I CAN WRITE A TEN-PAGE LETTER.)

But Bishop Jakes has it correct here: If anyone can walk out of your life, you LET THEM WALK.

Your destiny is not tied to anyone who is able to walk out on you.


LG (Elizabeth Gilbert – Writer)