I love using synchronicity as a guide to affirm the direction my intuition is pointing me. This is happening most recently with my trip to Europe. I simply felt called to France. All of a sudden France keeps popping up everywhere. Playing now with the balance of action and surrender as I co-create my getaway.

SG x

The idea is good and shows disorder:


Letting Go

It’s 5 am.

I’m in bed in the dark typing away on my laptop. I’m crying. I’m so sad.

Sad doesn’t describe my sad.

I don’t have the words.

My nose is stuffed up and the tears have dripped down my face and on my dressing gown.

I’m letting go of something. What is it?

A dream I think.

A dream I had fought a long and hard battle for.

A dream that I cannot realize.

I’m not giving up the fight, I’m letting it go

Continuing the fight will only destroy me

I suppose there is finally a sense of peace

A sense of defeat

A sense of surrender

Accepting futility

Accepting reality

I adapt

I move on