Why Are You Here?

Because you have a purpose!

Do you ever wonder why you’re here and what your purpose is?

I don’t mean your job, more your vocation.

What are you here for?

My belief is to be a light in the darkness. To make a difference no matter how small. To give hope. To inspire. To touch lives. To be examples of acceptance, love and strength.

There is a destructive force in the world, many of us have experienced it, many of us have been broken by it, and many of us have had the strength to put our broken pieces back together again.

This force is the absence of love and light.

I believe we are here because we are stronger than that darkness. From our personal experiences we are wise, we’re onto them.. we know what to expect.

Our purpose is to restore balance, give hope, educate and bring in more light/ love to this world.

We can all see the greed, wrath, lust and imbalance of power, but there are many more of us getting stronger, that believe in love, charity, patience, and kindness.

Don’t despair if you have times where you feel your life has no real meaning or purpose, you cannot see the bigger picture of all the small interactions throughout your life, or how you are an example of strength to others.

People may even feel threatened by you… they know you’re strong.

Stay loving, stay light. Don’t be robbed of your ability to naturally love and care.

Everyday there are people that need a little light, a little love, a little wisdom, kindness, strength, inspiration, or just a simple smile.

Your small actions already may have changed the lives of hundreds of people, just by exchanging a few kind words and a smile. And maybe those 100 people changed the lives of many more and so on..

When you feel safe enough and strong enough to heal and stop hiding your light, you’ll touch even more people. You have more power than you think.

You have a purpose.

SG x

Be a light in a dark world. ~Ephesians 5:8 || I used to be afraid of the dark, until I learned that I AM A LIGHT and the dark is afraid of me.: