My house sold at auction on Thursday! Finally I’m free and feeling the pull to travel to what has always felt like my spiritual home, Southern France. My 18 year old son is travelling with me to Paris and then taking his own path and calling to Spain (also a place I’m pulled to..)

It’s taken a lot of work for me to get to this point and I can’t help feel this journey will be life changing… I’m nervous and excited.

(Just need to find a loving carer for my little fur baby).

Love & baby steps,

SG x


How To Find Your Spiritual Home On Earth and Grow

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Typewriter Typography Illustration Art Print Pink  " Home" Poster 8" x 10" Vintage Style on Etsy, $20.69About five years ago, I was reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “Eat, Pray, Love” and I began to wonder… Where is my Bali? A lot of my friends who had read the book were longing to got to Bali, and I will admit that Elizabeth’s book sure made it sound enticing. Still, her book was not about going to Bali, but about going where your heart calls you. So I started listening to my heart and asking it where my Bali was.

As I read the book, I kept getting insights and flashes guiding me toward Sedona, even though I’d never been here. I felt an inner nudge to go, and I also got external clues — a friend mentioning visiting Sedona, a magazine article about places where there were red rocks, a comment by a spiritual mentor. When we are living life fully, our inner and outer lives begin to unify and dance. The symbols outside of me and inside of me were all pointing to one place, Sedona.

About a month after I finished the book, I couldn’t wait any longer. I got in my car and drove to Sedona. When I arrived, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and powerful it was. I was in awe of the gorgeous red-orange-yellowish (lower chakra) rock formations and the gentle warm glow my body felt in their presence.

My personal shifts began almost immediately. I became much clearer on who I was and what I wanted. When I returned home, my marriage that had already been ailing began unraveling, a process that was long overdue. Not long after that, I returned to Sedona to get a root tattoo, and the you-know-what really hit the fan. It was time to let the healing crisis begin. I chose to end my marriage and to begin my healing career. I created my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos. I learned how to do Sitha healing, a healing modality similar to reiki. I studied hypnotherapy and became a Certified Hypnotherapist. I created the Chakra Life Cycle System. All of it began in Sedona.

So where is your Sedona? Your Bali? What place gives you that undeniable spiritual kick-in-the-butt that gets stuff moving? If you don’t know what it is yet, then simply ask to be shown. Pray about it. Meditate on it. And listen very closely for any answers the universe may provide. They can be easy to miss, as they often come in an unexpected package.

If there is a place you’ve been longing to go your whole life, chances are, it’s your spiritual home. So… what are you waiting for? It’s waiting for you.