The Science that Links Depression to Your Spiritual Awakening

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By Alex Pietrowski

Is depression simply a disease as many psychiatrists and doctors would have us believe, or is there tremendous potential for personal growth and spiritual awakening locked up in the struggle against this common ‘disorder?’

For those who are battling, or who have already conquered depression, there is certainly no one size fits all answer, but, according to one of the world’s foremost experts on the relative study of mind and spirit, Dr. Lisa Miller, severe depression and spiritual experience are two sides of the same cognitive coin.

Her idea is perhaps best presented with this metaphor: depression and spiritual awakening are two sides of the same door. On one side is the total possibility of despair, hopelessness and isolation, and a look through to the other side reveals equally strong shades of spiritual satisfaction, inner peace, and connection to all that is.

Personally driven by her own despair and depression that resulted from infertility and a lack of being able to find her and her husband’s lives worth living without their own children, she began, ever so slowly to awaken to the messages of healers and helpers that seemed to arise serendipitously on her path, offering hints at greater possibilities for happiness and fulfillment.

Slow at first, her rise in awareness of how the universe was speaking to her through others quickly gave way to a flood of synchronicity, events that were simply far too meaningful to be described as coincidence. Synchronicity, remarkably, is one of the most important and commonly shared experiences or features of the process of human awakening, and individuation onto the soul’s proper path.

The synchronistic events in her life ultimately gave way to a letting go of sorts, a submission to new possibilities, a release, if you will, of previously held notions of what she thought happiness was supposed to be or to mean in her life.

As a researcher and professor of clinical psychology at Columbia University, Lisa ended up in a position of critical curiosity about the nature of depression: is it a disease or not? If so, how can a disease be caused by emotionally charged events in one’s life, such as the loss of a family member, or in her case, the lack of being able to create a family?

The causal link simply did not fully add up, thus she applied her skills as a scientist to the matter and came upon a significant discovery about how the brain is physically constructed with regards to its disposition of being in a depressed or spiritually connected state. For in her eyes, these two concepts seem to mirror each other philosophically, so why not scientifically?

Researching this with her team at Colombia, they discovered that yes, indeed, the actual substance of the brain where depression and spiritual fulfillment are registered are remarkably different with each of these states, reflecting a genuine physical polarity to accompany the metaphysical connection. The study began by recruiting some of the most depressed people she could find, especially those with a long family history of crippling depression, then looking at people with equally long lineages of spiritual presence.

They realized that the subjects all had a similar condition in the cortex region of the brain, and in the case of the depressed participants, the brain’s cortex was literally withered and underdeveloped, as though it had been starved. Similar to how a plant reacts to insufficient water.

Conversely, when looking at spiritually awakened subjects, those with a rich history of happiness and feeling connected to physical and spiritual realms of our multidimensional existence, these same regions of the brain were markedly stronger, more robust and larger, looking like the broad trunks of healthy trees.

“What we found, was that in precisely those regions of the brain which  atrophied and withered in lifelong depression, for those people with strong personal spirituality, there was thickening of those very same regions. The cortex was thick, as if you were looking at a tree in the Amazon, versus a tree withering in the cold and drought.

Depression is not always an illness. It can be… but very often, depression, as every one will face it, is core to our endowment and core to our development.” –  Dr. Lisa Miller

Another fascinating thing that they found, indicating what clinical science can show about the spiritual path, is when they looked at women who, “through suffering had come to a spiritual path, with nice thick cortexes, they also had another quality. The back of their head gave off a certain wavelength of energy that we call alpha, and its also found on the back of the head of a meditating monk.”

Of the possible frequencies that the human brain can naturally operate under, such as alpha, beta, delta and gamma, alpha is the same frequency as the Schumann resonance, the known frequency given off by the earth. In other words, those on the spiritual path, with healthy and vibrant brain cortexes, are operating at the same frequency of our home, the earth.

“The spiritually engaged brain vibrates at the frequency of the earth’s crust.” – Dr. Lisa Miller

Final Thoughts

This information can uplift many of the millions of people struggling though depression and looking for some hope to find their way out of the isolation, despair and darkness of this common condition. The more deeply a person feels depression, the greater the possibility for spiritual awakening that sets a person firmly on the spiritual path.

“The world is alive and infused with that sacred field we might measure as high amplitude alpha. Knowing this, we live into an inspired life. All life of meaning that is not one that we create, but one that is truly in the fabric of the world. We live an inspired life.” – Lisa Miller

Take a listen to Dr. Miller’s beautiful and uplifting story. At the very end she reveals an incredible even that adds even more to this story of synchronicity and inspiration.


About the Author

Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.



Characteristics Of Spiritual Maturity

What happens when you start owning your beingness

~ Things come to you more easily; more than that, you find yourself merging with people and situations that facilitate your expansion beyond imagination.

~ You still need to do things, but the common forcefulness diminishes.

~ You can focus your mind almost effortlessly on what you want to experience.

~ Most of the times you are calm, no matter how many things start breaking down around you, there is a voice that tells you not to worry, that everything unfolds exactly as it should.

~ You base your decisions on your gut instinct, and your intuition is more heightened than ever.

~ You still feel fear, negativity, distress, but they are no longer at the core of your life. What drives you now is an inner knowing that you came here to expand and create.



You Are Not Mentally Ill..

You may feel confused.

You may feel conflicted.

You may feel frustrated.

You may feel silenced.

You may feel undervalued.

You may be invisible.

You may feel powerless.

You may feel oppressed.

You may feel disenchanted with your life.

You may feel angry.

You may feel bitter.

You may feel unsafe.

You may feel exhausted.

You may feel trapped.

You may feel unwell.

You may feel betrayed.

You may feel terrified.

You may feel anxious.

You may feel sad.

You may feel lonely.

You may feel alone.

You may feel despondent

You may feel grief.

You may feel traumatized.

You may feel unmotivated.

These are your feelings..

and your spirit is suffering.

A spiritual illness… not a mental illness

You can heal your spirit.

Healing takes faith & baby steps

Sending love

~ SG x


Understanding Synchronicity

Beautiful Anime Art - Puzzles, an interesting idea I do love the aesthetic though.

What is Synchronicity?

The term synchronicity is coined by Carl Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology). It is about acausal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena.


Because our scientific worldview is built on the concept of cause and effect, as a culture we tend to doubt and deny aspects of experience that aren’t measurable and verifiable. So often when events coincide in startling ways, the first words we hear or say are, “Oh, it’s just a coincidence.”

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Gallery of Archetypes

Archetype -  click : http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp to take Carl Jung typology test, learn yourself :)

List of Archetypes

  • Addict (Conspicuous Consumer, Glutton, Workaholic — see also Gambler)
  • Advocate (Attorney, Defender, Legislator, Lobbyist, Environmentalist)
  • Alchemist (Wizard, Magician, Scientist, Inventor — see also Visionary)
  • Angel (Fairy Godmother/Godfather)
  • Artist (Artisan, Craftsperson, Sculptor, Weaver)
  • Athlete (Olympian)
  • Avenger (Avenging Angel, Saviour, Messiah)
  • Beggar (Homeless person/ Indigent)
  • Bully (Coward)
  • Child (Orphan, Wounded, Magical/Innocent, Nature, Divine, Puer/Puella Eternis, or Eternal Boy/Girl)
  • Child: Orphan
  • Child: Wounded
  • Child: Magical/Innocent
  • Child: Nature
  • Child: Puer/Puella Eternis (Eternal Boy/Girl)
  • Child: Divine
  • Clown (Court Jester, Fool, Dummling)
  • Companion (Friend, Sidekick, Right Arm, Consort)
  • Damsel (Princess)
  • Destroyer (Attila, Mad Scientist, Serial Killer, Spoiler)
  • Detective (Spy, Double Agent, Sleuth, Snoop, Sherlock Holmes, Private Investigator, Profiler — see also Warrior/Crime Fighter)
  • Dilettante (Amateur)
  • Don Juan (Casanova, Gigolo, Seducer, Sex Addict)
  • Engineer (Architect, Builder, Schemer)
  • Exorcist (Shaman)
  • Father (Patriarch, Progenitor)
  • Femme Fatale (Black Widow, Flirt, Siren, Circe, Seductress, Enchantress)
  • God (Adonis, see also Hero)
  • Goddess (see also Heroine)
  • Gossip (see also Networker)
  • Guide (Guru, Sage, Crone, Wise Woman, Spiritual Master, Evangelist, Preacher)
  • Healer (Wounded Healer, Intuitive Healer, Caregiver, Nurse, Therapist, Analyst, Counselor)
  • Wounded Healer
  • Hedonist (Bon Vivant, Chef, Gourmet, Gourmand, Sybarite — see also Mystic)
  • Hero/Heroine (see also Knight, Warrior)
  • Judge (Critic, Examiner, Mediator, Arbitrator)
  • King (Emperor, Ruler, Leader, Chief)
  • Knight (see also Warrior, Rescuer)
  • Liberator
  • Lover
  • Martyr
  • Mediator (Ambassador, Diplomat, Go-Between)
  • Mentor (Master, Counselor, Tutor)
  • Messiah (Redeemer, Saviour)
  • Midas/Miser
  • Monk/Nun (Celibate)
  • Mother (Matriarch, Mother Nature)
  • Mystic (Renunciate, Anchorite, Hermit)
  • Networker (Messenger, Herald, Courier, Journalist, Communicator)
  • Pioneer (Explorer, Settler, Pilgrim, Innovator)
  • Poet
  • Prince
  • Prostitute
  • Queen (Empress)
  • Rebel (Anarchist, Revolutionary, Political, Protester, Nonconformist, Pirate)
  • Rescuer
  • Saboteur
  • Samaritan
  • Scribe (Copyist, Secretary, Accountant — see also Journalist)
  • Seeker (Wanderer, Vagabond, Nomad)
  • Servant (Indentured Servant)
  • Shape-shifter (Spell-caster — see also Trickster)
  • Slave
  • Storyteller (Minstrel, Narrator)
  • Thief (Swindler, Con Artist, Pickpocket, Burglar, Robin Hood)
  • Trickster (Puck, Provocateur)
  • Vampire
  • Victim
  • Virgin (see also Celibate)
  • Visionary (Dreamer, Prophet, Seer — see also Guide, Alchemist)
  • Warrior (Soldier, Crime Fighter, Amazon, Mercenary, Soldier of Fortune, Gunslinger, Samurai)