Characteristics Of Spiritual Maturity

What happens when you start owning your beingness

~ Things come to you more easily; more than that, you find yourself merging with people and situations that facilitate your expansion beyond imagination.

~ You still need to do things, but the common forcefulness diminishes.

~ You can focus your mind almost effortlessly on what you want to experience.

~ Most of the times you are calm, no matter how many things start breaking down around you, there is a voice that tells you not to worry, that everything unfolds exactly as it should.

~ You base your decisions on your gut instinct, and your intuition is more heightened than ever.

~ You still feel fear, negativity, distress, but they are no longer at the core of your life. What drives you now is an inner knowing that you came here to expand and create.



You Are Not Mentally Ill..

You may feel confused.

You may feel conflicted.

You may feel frustrated.

You may feel silenced.

You may feel undervalued.

You may be invisible.

You may feel powerless.

You may feel oppressed.

You may feel disenchanted with your life.

You may feel angry.

You may feel bitter.

You may feel unsafe.

You may feel exhausted.

You may feel trapped.

You may feel unwell.

You may feel betrayed.

You may feel terrified.

You may feel anxious.

You may feel sad.

You may feel lonely.

You may feel alone.

You may feel despondent

You may feel grief.

You may feel traumatized.

You may feel unmotivated.

These are your feelings..

and your spirit is suffering.

A spiritual illness… not a mental illness

You can heal your spirit.

Healing takes faith & baby steps

Sending love

~ SG x


Thinking About Writing A Book

Creating Balance ~ The Bigger Picture Of Healing 

After the experience with my daughter, I feel quite serious about writing a book about my life and what I have learnt in relation to healing.

It will be educational and not solely about day to day abuse or finger pointing. Rather it’s main focus will be on spiritual, emotional and physical understanding of healing and the balance needed between our masculine and feminine sides by using examples.

It’s a book about, the bigger picture.

We need to create the balance within us in order to heal, and then by using our hard earned wisdom together with our logic, we can unlock our full potential and use this to help heal an unbalanced world.

We all have this gift and that power within us. But being powerful in a potentially dangerous world is what scares us the most.

I’m no gifted writer like the many that are here on WordPress, so it will be challenging and a big undertaking, but even if it never gets published I think it’s something I need to do.

I thought about it in the past but it felt a daunting task. It’s complex and a great deal to put together and think about. I wrote 28 pages once for my lawyer and I was triggered and sick for weeks afterwards, so focusing too much on my specific abuse is not what I’m going to do, or want to do.

It’s definitely going to be a very slow process. Being free to work on it while I’m travelling would be awesome.

I may write under a pseudonym, but I’ll see once I start and just how in depth I decide to go. I feel this book has the potential to change the way mental health is viewed. (Thinking big haha)..

I haven’t had the courage to write about my spiritual experiences here on WordPress, but I will in this book. As part of my healing I delved into ancestral history, and the roles or archetypes played by our ancestors and how they are repeated in the present through our DNA.

So it will relate to each person’s perspective/ experience at different times historically.

Studying generational abuse, the origin of the cycle, and the spiritual reason why people abuse, history repeating, roles repeating etc..

Ultimately it’s going to be about education, spiritual healing and fearlessly unlocking your potential.

Love & baby steps

SG x



Going To A Psychic Counsellor..

Well I’ve contacted a woman who helps people who are intensely intuitive.

I need the help and the guidance because it really stresses me out. It’s literally ruining my life, it’s painful and causing me to isolate. And I’m often unintentionally hurting people more than helping people with what I sense/ feel.

I have met this woman counsellor before and she is kind and definitely safe (my old therapist referred me to her a few years back) but I lost her contact details and have just found her again on FB.

The last thing that I remember her saying to me, is that I needed to love humanity (all of humanity) everybody warts and all, the good, bad and down right evil as it will help with this gift/ curse. It’s about overcoming my ‘wounded child’ and that healing that side of me comes from a place of forgiveness, genuine understanding and love..

Well I do feel I have come to the place that I love all of humanity (warts and all) – so maybe the timing on finding her is perfect.

She also mentioned that I have the capacity to be a healer – but I don’t want to be a healer – I did once but now I just want to be happy. Being a healer is just too painful and too hard!! I want less stress and more joy in my life :o)

I know why I am intensely intuitive – First –  it runs in my family (Pretty sure from the cycle of abuse..)

Second  – childhood dissociation, hypervigilance and trauma.

Thirdly – I’m female

.. And according to what I’ve read recently the fourth thing that causes intense psychic ability is being a twin.. no I’m not a twin (but who knows maybe it was something my mother never mentioned regarding my birth!! .. )

So what I want .. I want this so called gift to go away or at least become way less intense…  or that I can find a way to cope with it and find a useful and balanced outlet for it because it’s too strong. It gives me headaches…

I’m trying to focus on practicalities in my own life to take my mind of it. My house is starting to look organized and beautiful again. Instead of expensive furniture and decor, I now have Charity Shop retro finds but I think I like it even better :o). The event business will be online by next week and my son and I have started a lifestyle blog – food, styling, living etc.. So I do feel very grounded.. but I am also not mixing with people..

I will only mix with people who I feel ‘safe’ with – no anxiety or bad vibes..

Regarding psychic ability it angers me that abuse can do this to a person.. it’s easy to handle normal instincts and avoid people who you get negative vibes from but for the intensely intuitive we get the whole painful story.. and the negative emotions they feel. Unless you experience this you will never understand – it’s often confusing as I can pick it up things even when I’m not near them.. I can sense energy from a long distance.

I also find people are not at all comfortable with a person that senses how they feel, or if they’re lying, or their past or their secrets…  :o( and I suppose that is fair enough.

I have personally experienced it with my cousin (she’s highly intuitive)..   out of the blue she told me things about myself and all it did was ‘piss me off’. It felt like it was a breach of some sort of spiritual privacy act.. and maybe that’s what it is … but I do know she meant well and meant to help me in some way..

It is most intense when I am stressed or fearful, but with people I feel safe with it’s not overwhelming at all and I use it more from a place of love and compassion.

Maybe that’s the lesson…

Maybe she can teach me how to handle it and protect myself from picking up too much..

Reading a recent post on psychic ability, people who can see the past and potential future in others etc.. are ‘intensely psychic’ … and apparently many commit suicide because it’s too overwhelming… not good news :o(

Hopefully I can either get rid of it or learn to manage/ use it in a healthy non-hurtful way.

Love & baby steps,

SG x


Spiritual Healing

Removing negative energy from your home✯ Haunted House ..by ~TinyPilot✯

Negative Entities and Negative Energy

Removing one removes the other…

There are many reasons that someone’s home may experience an entity. There may be residual energy left from a previous resident or event. There may be an intelligent spirit who chose not to move on or are trapped because of an anchor holding them to this realm.

The toughest entity to remove is an entity that is attracted to a person’s negative energy and feeds off of it.

We are talking about a malevolent spirit or a demon. To understand how to remove one, we must first look at why they may be impacting an individual or a family.

How Did They Get Here?

There are a number of different scenarios in how a location can become infested with a negative entity such as a malevolent spirit or worse – a negative non-human entity, including demons. They can be

  • Invited (Unintentionally or intentionally) – Through the use of divination practices (such as Ouija boards) or even amateur EVP sessions, these entities can be unintentionally invited into a location. They can sense that someone is willing to communicate with the spirit world and they use that opening to invade your space. Even attempts by a previous resident can cause problems for you. Locations in which there were even darker intentions (rituals), where evil has been invited in is especially problematic for many years.
  • Attracted to the Environment – This is the most common scenario, and one in which we deal with more often. Negative entities are attracted to a particular location due to the energy available for them. They find a suitable habitat and they thrive off the environment. They can also cause some havoc just to increase the emotions which feed them.
  • .Pool of Negative Energy – If a location has a history in which there were very strong emotions in the past, the location can be ripe for negative entities. It can range from former prisons to as common as a house where one member lived with mental illness or a debilitating progressive disease such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Attracted to an Individual – Inhuman entities can target an individual if they sense one’s psyche is not strong enough to fend off attacks.

Attracted to the Environment – This is the most common scenario, and one in which we deal with more often. Negative entities are attracted to a particular location due to the energy available for them. They find a suitable habitat and they thrive off the environment. They can also cause some havoc just to increase the emotions which feed them.

Attracted to an Individual – Inhuman entities can target an individual if they sense one’s psyche is not strong enough to fend off attacks.

What Are They Attracted to?


I could have ended the section right there. But in a nutshell, they thrive off of any negative energy from us. It can be as major as bitterness and anger over being a victim of a heinous crime, to trivial things such as stress over a commute.  They feed off of the negative energy and they thrive under the circumstances. They can then exasperate the situation thus creating more negative energy to feed off of. Some people can even have repressed memories create issues with nasty entities as subconscious feelings can provide fuel.

Some negative emotions that provide fuel include: anger, bitterness, fear, frustration, guilt, jealousy, regret, self-doubt, sorrow, etc. Any negative emotion will do. Some actions can provide energy such as yelling, fighting, arguments, and rebelliousness. Stress from our jobs, marriages/relationships, financial or health concerns are especially attractive to negative entities.

They want you to be miserable, they want you to doubt yourself, they want your energy so they can thrive and they will use that energy against you so they can gain more energy.

 How Can I Remove the Negative Entities?

Easiest answer to give – the hardest to accomplish is to remove their energy source.

Without their energy source they will move on to browner pastures (they don’t like lush green pastures). Some alternate methods may temporarily abate the situation, but in all likelihood, the issues will return. Things such as smudging, blessings, or other new-age rituals can temporarily provide relief, but the ultimate solution is to remove the buildup of negativity. We all have varying levels of these emotions, but the build-up of these emotions is key fuel.

 Negative Energy? No, Not Me!

We all tend to think we are positive people, but in reality, we all have negative feelings. There always something or many things that bothers us – it may be more or less frequent than others, but we are all human and have a wide array of emotions.  I’d be concerned if someone smiled all the time regardless the circumstance – they sometimes are the first to snap!

If you have an entity in your home that is literally making your life a living Hell, the best solution is to take an honest look at yourself (or someone else in the household – or the household at large). Think that there may be something that is feeding these entities. When this is realized, it is so much easier to change and remove the negative entity (ies),

You do not need to feel defective or think of yourself poorly if you have any negative feelings, we all do. We are constantly bombarded with worries and our lives our hectic and it seems common courtesy has all but disappeared so we all carry this baggage with us – myself included.


Acknowledge there is an issue and identify the source or sources of negative energy.

The hardest step is to break the build-up of negative energy.  Avoid the yelling, the fighting, and all those little emotions that eat away at us. Look at the big picture, is what going on really that important that we risk harm from serious negative entities. Sure, if you spouse is cheating, that is a valid excuse to be angry and to fight and take a golf club to their car before you call a lawyer. But if your spouse forgets to put the mail out, is that really killing anyone?

Let go of whatever is getting us hot under the collar. Someone cut you off in traffic? Yeah, that’s what gets me mad. But don’t bring that anger home with you. Call them a jerk in your head and move on. Don’t rehash the incident when you get home – don’t stew in the corner thinking about knocking their teeth out or telling them what you think of them. Let them deal with their inconsideration; don’t let them bring you down.  You are better than that!

Someone in the office say something rotten to you? Don’t bring it home. Think to yourself that they are trying to bring you down because of their own insecurity. Don’t let them bug you, because that means they win. Let your home be a safe haven, don’t bring those jerks home with you in your thoughts and your feelings.

Overall, take a look around you. Realize how blessed we are. I know a parent of teenagers is laughing at me right now. But remember those rebellious teenagers when they were cute and cuddly and their only words were “Momma” and “Dadda”. Your spouse drank out of the milk carton, kindly ask them to use a glass next time and move on – realize that someone loves you. If your job is bothering you, you can look for a new one – or more easily, think about how blessed you are to have a job, in these conditions. There are many more people struggling to even feed their family because they are unemployed.

Surround yourself with what makes you happy, at peace, and calm. If you like flowers, always have fresh-cut flowers in the house. If you like lady bugs collect them (within reason – your spouse may get annoyed with ladybug curtains and ladybug salt shakers). Keep pictures of family and friends and happy times. It sounds corny – but it is something that can help brighten up an environment.

I’m not saying to become a pushover and let others walk all over you and you just smile and say “That’s okay”, because then the build-up will cause anyone to snap. Just learn to pick your battles, be nicer to those around you, learn to forgive and forget, realize what is important and what you have, and to work on being more positive. When people do this, their success rate in removing nasty malevolent spirits and negative entities is staggering.

Don’t let emotions bottle up. Talk to your family, your closest friends, clergy member, and therapist (if applicable). Just talking helps relieve that pressure, and added meaningful words of encouragement help.

I realize that this is the most difficult task. We are all human and we are all prone to varying emotion. But if there is a problem where something has invaded your home and causing your life to be Hell – there is no option but to remove your negative energy if you want the negative entity to leave.

You can also pray – it doesn’t hurt. As long as you have faith, it can work. See our protection prayers we have compiled for use.

Now, about that jerk that cut you off in traffic….  If you get rid of your negative energy, maybe your unwelcome visitor will sense his/her hostilities and force them to change!  For the cheating spouse, he/she can get the negative entity in the settlement.


Narcissistic Victim Syndrome from a Shamanic Perspective

Soul Loss

Many therapists would say that the victim of narcissistic abuse seems to unconsciously choose abusive narcissists again and again in a bid to correct their own maladaptive behavioral patterns.  And that this pattern of behaviour is the victims attempt to resolve old conflicts, and hopefully soothe their old wounds.  This is a plausible argument, and personally I can concur with that to some degree, but personally I believe that the phenomenon is a bit more complicated than that.

I would like to add another level to the argument; it is a spiritual dimension that I have come across in the course of therapy with victims of Narcissistic Victim Syndrome.  On many occasions, I have worked with victims who had already completed therapy before coming to me, they thought that they had dealt with all the issues of their past experiences with abusive relationships, and yet they felt something was not right.

The victim could articulate that they felt as if the source of their primary narcissistic abuse was still under their skin; as if their abuser was still living off them in some way or other.  In spite of having done all kinds of therapy, the victim knew (at a deeper level of the self) that something was not quite finished, or something was missing from their life.  It has been my experience that traditional western therapies work well when working with victims of abuse on a mental, emotional, and physical level, but generally not so strong when it comes to working consciously with the victim on a spiritual level.

Therapists need to be able to work with the victim of narcissistic victim syndrome on a spiritual level, because “Narcissistic Abuse is truly a form of soul defilement”.   It seams that whether a person considers themselves to be spiritual or not, they can tell that on a deeper level of the self that something is not right.  The Shaman knows that soul trauma is a big part of victim abuse; it is created through the dyadic relationship that exists between both the narcissist and the victim.  For the victim to recover on all levels of the self, it is useful if the therapist is familiar with transpersonal therapy (the psycho-spiritual component), or at least be able to refer the victim on to a therapist who can complete the recovery work on a spiritual level if they are not feeling confident enough themselves.

Shamanic diagnosis of Narcissistic Victim Syndrome:

 Apart from being schooled in western psychology and psychotherapy, I have also studied Medical Anthropology with a variety of indigenous Shamans. The Shamanic view of western psychotherapy is that it tends to lack a good understanding of a psychology of spirituality (transcendent states of consciousness).  By so doing, it has lost a sense of the sacred that awakens man to his sense of wholeness.  Furthermore, as a result of this loss, most western therapies overlook the process of Individuation (the processof integrating the conscious with the unconscious, for the purpose of self-actualization), something the Shaman feels is vital for a full recovery for the victim of narcissistic abuse.  When a victim is traumatized or shocked (as in narcissistic abuse), it is possible for the whole self to become fragmented; the Shaman calls this phenomenon “soul loss”.

Individuation is a centering of consciousness through which the self forms the personality into a coherent whole, bringing back the fragmented parts to a totally integrated “true self”, (the totality of a Divine Self).  To reach the goal of the individuation process, the Shaman would take the victim of abuse through the pain of the contents of their own unconscious mind in order to access the contents of the psyche, and bring that knowledge into consciousness where it can be processed for healing.  In this process, the victim begins to understand their relationship with everything, with themselves, others, including the relationship with their narcissist abuser.

Shamans (indigenous healers), were the first psychotherapists on earth, they have understood for millennium the phenomenon of the narcissistic dyadic relationship where perpetrator and victim merge in twinship, enmeshed in each other.  When a victim is emeshed with a narcissist, especially if this began in childhood, the individual learns to give their attention, affection or emotional support to their abuser above all else, in time  they begin to loose a sense of self.  It appears that the victim puts the needs of the narcissist (and then others) before their own needs.  This is true to a point, but actually, and more importantly, the victim’s first daily need is to remain safe in the environment with the narcissist. Becoming a “pleaser” is a way to stay safe, it works by way of “changing the mood” of the abuser, thus avoiding there rages, which usually meant punishment, guilt, shame, and abandonment for the victim.   However this behaviour of pleasing may continue into adulthood, where it can cause a lot of resentment in the victim.

Many victims loose the ability to be able to ask for their own needs to be meet, as a result, they may find themselves acting in a way that is passive aggressive.  The passive aggressive style of communication develops as a result of fear at not being able to have honest communication with their aggressor (because of fear of reprisals).  The victim will need to examine and understand their behaviour, so that they can develop an assertive style of communication for a healthier balance in their relationships.  These victims never knew reciprocality (“give and take”) when in a relationship with a narcissist, they learned to give, give and give again.  Part of the recovery work with the victim will be to bring this awareness to them, and to encourage them to forge reciprocal relationships in the future with others, and reconnect with their own self.

The Shaman also understands that a part of a human soul is free to leave the body, and it may choose to do so for many reasons; indigenous cultures refer to this phenomenon as soul loss. Western therapy also recognizes this phenomenon; they refer to it as dissociation.  From the point of view of contemporary psychology, the therapist may understand this better in the context of a victim experiencing a “vital loss of their essence” whenever they dissociate or split off from the body while experiencing a traumatic event.  This soul loss (or vital loss of essence) is a defense response to many forms of physical or emotional traumas; such as fear, the stress of combat, incest, loss of a loved one, suicide, abuse, accidents, surgery, long standing illness, miscarriage, abortion, addiction, depression, narcissistic abuse etc.

The Shaman accepts that the soul part flees in order to survive the experience as a means of self-preservation, and they have a technique for mending this common human predicament, which they call “soul retrieval”.  Similarly, the psychotherapist (whether they know it or not) also does a form of soul retrieval by a process of uncovering and integrating the split off parts of the victim’s self.   Take for example, a child who dissociates because of rape by her father and escapes to the top of the wardrobe. The Shaman would say that the child had experienced a soul loss when a part of their soul’s essence left the body due to being overwhelmed in that moment.  However, both therapist and shaman would agree, whether it is called dissociation or soul loss, what is now needed is to integrate that fragmented split off part of the self back into the person’s system in order to make that individual whole again.

The Shaman also knows that there are other ways one can loose a part of one’s soul.  In a case of soul loss, a person may unconsciously give part of their soul to another person in ignorance because of their co-dependence.  For example, because a child’s psychic defenses are not strong enough to withstand the constant abandonment and rejection from their narcissistic family member, the child, in a bid to get love may give a part of its soul to the narcissist in order to survive.  In this case the soul loss is a natural protective mechanism.

Many people inadvertently give themselves away when they are in grief.  For example, I worked with a client whose narcissistic partner had died; she explained that it was as if a part of her had died also.  She went on to tell me that she had put a photo of herself into his pocket before the coffin was closed.  She said she could not bear to think of him being alone in the after-life.  Her explanation of the event may well be true, but it also demonstrates the extent of her co-dependency.  In effect, she sent her soul essence to her loved one in order to keep him company, but more importantly, she did this unconsciously in order to remain attached to him.  By this act she was actually creating her own soul loss.

There is also a flip side of giving your soul away, and that is when a soul is stolen.  In most cases of “soul robbery” by a narcissist, it is most likely their “acting out” is due to their sense of envy. For example, a narcissistic parent may see their children as both mirrors and competitors, and they may become increasingly fearful and envious of the child’sgrowing independence.  They may equate the child’s independence as a threat to their sense of power and position in the family environment.  Feeling a sense of powerlessness, the narcissist may set about stealing a part of the child’s soul in order to gain power over it; this is done through violent acts, such as the rape of that child, or severe mental or emotional beatings. That way the narcissistic parent regains their domination and power over the child, while at the same time depleting the child’s power.  However, in the attempt of getting more power, sadly, the narcissist fragments the child’s soul, that is a high price the child has to pay for the narcissists envy.

By the way, it is important to say that it is not possible for someone to rob your soul without your consent at some level of your own self (usually it is an unconscious act, as in self protection).  It is also possible to give your soul-part away inadvertently; this can occur during a trauma, when there is a partial or complete disruption of the normal integration of conscious or psychological functioning (and the individual fragments or splits).

Just to remind you, soul loss is comparable towhat psychology refers to as “dissociation”.   When a shaman is working with a victim of narcissistic abuse they look for signs of soul loss, and they can recognize many symptoms that would confirm that a soul loss had occurred, especially by listening to the words they use, (i.e. “I don’t feel like the same person anymore”; “it feels like a part of me has died”, or “I have never been the same since…..”).  Another tell tale sign is when a depression does not manage to heal.

To the Shaman, soul loss or dissociation is a sign that the person is not fully able to engage with life, the person is technically unable to stop “depressing”.   Apart from looking out for soul-loss, the shaman would also check if the client was holding a part of someone else’s soul.  For example, the victim may hold on to a part of the narcissist’s soul as a result of psychological conditions and reactions due to survival identification (such as happens in Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Bonding).

Going back to the point I touched on earlier, where we raised the question as to victims seeming to choose abusive narcissists again and again in order to heal their old conflicts and wounds.  The shaman knows that when they witness the victim’s maladaptive behaviour, (where they find themselves repeating the narcissistic trauma over and over again), they are being privy to the victim’s unconscious motivational drive towards its own self-actualization. Self-actualization means to fulfill one’s potential.  The question then is to ask, “Potential for what?”  The Shaman knows that man’s driving quest is to become “whole” to the core of their being…..incorporating body, mind, spirit and soul.  To the Shaman, this is the only drive by which the human life is determined.

To be “holy” means to be “whole”.  When we are whole we have integrated all the fragmented parts back together.  The Shaman understands that this phenomenon of healing the fragmented soul is man’s primal and innate drive towards “wholeness.”, when man becomes fully actualized, an Authentic Self.   When a person self-actualizes they possess an extraordinary ability to detect the spurious dishonest personality that is the narcissist, and they will never again need to repeat the narcissistic trauma.   This is the journey home to oneself, it is a spiritual one, and each therapist is called to make this journey for themselves, because we can only ever bring others as far as we have gone ourselves.

Christine Louis de Canonville


Past-Lives And Historical Personalities

Spiritual Healing, Historical Personalities and Karma

“To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it,

 than it is pleasant to them that bear it.”

~ Elizabeth I

When it comes to past lives, most people want to know the same thing. “Was I ever famous?” they will ask. Yet what is fame anyway? It is when one person is known by many they have never met for what they have accomplished in life. That’s it!

“So Who Really Is The ‘ I ‘ That is ‘ Me ‘?”

When we come into greater awareness of our past lives, we understand that we are more than our current personality. We see that we are infinite beings and we connect with the truth about the totality of our existence. We ask ourselves “who really is the I that is me?”

From time to time, the answer to this question leads us to a famous past life (what I like to call “historical personalities”).

How does a historical personality relate to present day life?


People ask about having been famous in past lives because there is a common belief that when a person is famous, their life is perfect, they have no problems, and that they have infinite amounts of time and money to do whatever they want to do. While money and celebrity gives them greater freedom to promote their causes, it also makes their daily life (especially travel) difficult and complicated. The truth is that famous people are not better than everyone else, they are just better known for both their accomplishments and their failings.


People would desire a famous past life less, if they understood the present life energetic burden it carries. So many people putting so much attention on your past life personality means that energy flows to you in the present. For example, one year there was a year-long celebration of the life of one of my recent past life historical personalities. It was a past life I had not healed. All this undue attention literally made me sick until the festivities were over.


The key word in history is story. The stories are created by writers who wish to promote a polished, glorious image of the raw, ignoble past. These stories build up legends about an historical personality that are mainly lies (compared to how the person actually was). Try to tell the truth about who that person actually was and what they actually did and you find people prefer the legend to the truth. They will be downright nasty when the truth tarnishes the legend’s story.


Especially when you die before you have had a chance to write your own account of important events, you reincarnate to find what others have written about you is just plain untrue. Writers put words in your mouth that you never said. They attribute actions to you that you never did. Worse, they draw conclusions about you that are just downright stupid, unkind, and unfair. All you can do is just read it and comfort yourself with that fact that at least you know the truth.


If you “uncase” your past and proclaim that you are the reincarnation of a “famous” past life historical personality, others will instantly reject your claim. Interestingly enough, if you claim to be a nobody in past lives, others will not reject you, they will just think less of you. The truth is there is NO evidence of your past lives that others will find convincing. For example, in 1953, Harry Martindale saw a column of Roman soldiers marching through the basement of York Minister Cathedral. Since what Martindale saw about the soldier’s uniforms did not accord with the historical knowledge at the time, his account was dismissed. In the 1960s, excavations confirmed every last detail of Martindale’s vision… and still he was dismissed. If artifacts cannot convince others of the reality of past lives, you have NO chance.


For those who would be inclined to believe your claim about having had a famous past life, they would still be skeptical unless you looked, spoke, and acted as like that particular past life personality. They would expect you to exactly replicate your past life successes in the present… and, if you failed to do so, they would dismiss your claim. The problem is that a new life means new choices about body, mind, and emotions, about families and resources, and about life purpose and karmic goals. When the present life circumstances are NOT the same as past life ones, it is impossible to create the same results.


The hardest thing about having famous past lives is that it is like looking deeply into the mirror and seeing a mulitude of ugly faces there. When you read the long list of your character failings in several history books and you know them to be true, it is both a humbling and a humiliating experience. When you read about what you should have done in a certain situation and realize perhaps you could have done that, you feel deep remorse and regret. When you realize you did the best you could but were blocked from doing more for reasons lost to history, you feel bitter and disrespected. History is never accurate.


When you first discover that you had a famous past life, your initial reaction is bound to be denial. You think, “I am so ordinary, how could I have been/done that?”You resist the urge to research your past lives… yet you feel the inner pull to do so. You know that no one else will believe you… but that is nothing when you start out by not believing yourself. You doubt yourself. You try to forget but are forced to remember. No matter how much you deny, dismiss, or distance yourself from your famous past life… it is your constant companion until you choose to heal its issues haunting you today.


As hard as it is to own a famous past life, it is made more complicated by the fact that others also claim it as their own. The more famous your past life personality, the more people will claim it as their own. That should not concern you because, like it or not, you are still stuck with the past life karma from your famous person. Worse, the more your famous past life personality did that was karmically unloving, the harder you had to work in other lives and in this one to balance it.


The one thing that others cannot take from you is your knowledge and your experience. When you have done extraordinary things in the past, you retain the ability to do great things now. Whether or not you choose to draw on the gifts from the past, what you do now always is your choice. You can draw on all the books of past life wisdom inside you at any time. There is no rush or obligation: just be yourself now.


Admit to someone that you are the reincarnation of a famous person from the past and you WILL be abused. Some will say you are just trying to “show off” by claiming to have been someone “better” than you are now. Others will say you are crazy (because reincarnation is total garbage) or that you are a liar (because you are too ordinary now to have been extraordinary). A few (with no mental health qualifications) will diagnose you with all sorts of dire disorders for believing in the “whacky” proposition of reincarnation (while they believe in such things as virgin births and bread/fish from thin air). If others cannot accept you as you are, do not give them any attention.


In the end, you must make peace with all of your past life selves, especially with your famous, historical ones. After you have done your best to heal and balance the karma from all your past incarnations, you should learn from your failures and successes. Take the best from the past to make the present better. Forgive the worst from the past because there is no future in constantly beating yourself up about it. If all you learn from your famous past lives is to “go away and sin no more”, then you are bound only to create great karma going forward.

Source: healpastlives.com



What Is A Soul Whisperer?

I just found an interesting website .. it seems soul whisperers do in fact exist.

What is a Soul Whisperer?
❖  Very INFJ and very me.  So much more beneath the surface.

A SoulWhisperer is someone uniquely trained to listen to the deepest whisperings and longings of the human soul and who, once heard, partners with those whisperings and longings to assist a person in creating, manifesting, and living a joyful, successful, and deeply meaningful soul-driven and purposeful life.