Eternal Soul & Ancestral Healing

Healing the Past Healing the Present

 Many people dealing with chronic health issues or mystery illnesses that don’t seem to heal may be able to find answers by looking into the past.

Our souls are eternal pure energy that cannot die only transform.

Energy has no beginning and no end- scientifically speaking; this is why reincarnation makes perfect sense.

You are not starting from a clean slate with this life.

A past that is not healed may be living within you, restless, mingled with your own energy. It works almost as if an actual person, with its own “independent” moods, cravings, desires, fears, and reactions to external circumstances in your life.

While this past is being you, at the same time a past-life is not you. It’s an aspect of your Soul, a spiritual cousin, that is related to you, but comes from another time, another awareness, other set of circumstances. You bear no responsibility over its actions — other than, as the current Soul carrier..  to heal it and bring closure to it, if your consciousness and choice allows you.

That’s your only responsibility over your past-lives.

The textbook example for this are phobias — such as the fear of drowning, or of enclosed spaces, public speaking, fear of your own potential, for example. Acute fears or blocks, maybe seemingly illogical, that may or may not have been awakened by an event in this life. But phobias are just the most glaring examples.

phobias. i have clinophobia. i think people dont usually quite grasp what a phobia truly is.. often it seems people think its simply a fear, when in actuality its much more than just a small fear..

Relationship failings and patterns, professional issues, emotionally charged reactions, and fears in general. All of these commonly stem from past-lives that are still “active”.

You may have hot buttons, that is, sensitive topics that when pushed leave you “out of yourself”. Guess who manifests when you’re out of yourself? When the wound is pressed it’s the past-life persona that comes forth and has a fit, if you will. And you’re overwhelmed by this violent reaction of fear, panic, anger, or other strong emotion, that you hardly can contain.

Now, since your moods, choices, actions, energy, and states of being, manifest in the reality all around you (usually know as “Law of Attraction”), you may be living events, emotions, and circumstances, in your life, that don’t necessarily relate to who you are today. Events that aren’t really yours, that have nothing to do with your current life, and thus that you really have no business living.

The past-life is stuck in its own time loop, in its own unsolved memory. As a result, you are stuck in the same cyclical patterns, repeating them over and over without progression.

I MUST remember this. maya angelou quote carol arvin bellingham psychotherapists

Very often the subject of past-lives is not just about curiosity. It’s something that urgently begs for healing and closure, for the sake of your own well-being. For you to finally move forward and prosper.

A past-life that is healed, on the other hand, has found its closure, and thus has no need to re-experience any further challenging situations. It has no desire to delve in the past, to re-experience everything over and over. It’s at peace. It comes from, it’s in a state of, Light, instead of feeding off your own emotional body and vital energies. And can offer you valuable insight and guidance when you need to. It’s a part of you, but one that is balanced and in tune with your true nature.

About Healing

Everyone is capable of intuitive insight. Some individuals do have gifts and skills that allow them to do specific things more easily than others. Basic intuitive skills are like a radio, or a black-and-white TV; a spiritual gift is seeing in colors, in HD. A gift is often the result of many lifetimes of training at soul level.

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When past-lives have any discernible interference over your moods and current life, they are meant to be healed. That is their main relevance.

Otherwise, there is absolutely no need to delve in the past.

Your past-lives are not meant to influence how you run your life today, or dictate your mood. If you have “hot buttons” – things you are very sensitive to, and when someone else pushes them you flip and react very emotionally — you may have an unresolved issue with a past-life. That’s often the case.

When someone pushes your buttons, the memory is activated, and at that moment it’s as if it’s your past-life character, and not you, reacting to the situation. You are “out of yourself”. It also usually means that such an issue can be tackled by recovering the past-live, understanding how it relates to who, and what can you learn from it.

If you are like the vast majority of people, you had hundreds of past-lives, or maybe more. Some of them maybe more active than others, depending on what you chose to experience in this life.

You do not have to know your past-lives. They are only meaningful insofar as they contribute something to your present moment in a constructive sense. Because truthfully, it’s only your present moment that really counts to you, it’s only your current focus of attention that matters. That’s what your Spirit wants you to know, what it wants you to do, where it wants to go, next.

Nevertheless, accessing your past-lives, be it by whichever means you do so, always has the purpose of healing, as well as of broadening your spiritual knowledge, both in general, and about yourself.