The Prostitute Archetype

(Everyone has this archetype)

Light Attribute

Accentuates the challenge of surviving without negotiating the power of your spirit.

Shadow Attribute

Places material considerations and security above self-empowerment.

None of us thinks kindly of the term ‘prostitute,’ and yet from this archetype we learn the great gift of never again having to compromise our body, mind, or spirit.

You may have already reached the point in which the Prostitute has become a mature part of yourself that circles you with a strong vibrational field that says, “Not for sale.”

The Prostitute archetype engages lessons in the sale or negotiation of one’s integrity or spirit due to fears of physical survival or for financial gain. It activates the aspects of the unconscious that are related to seduction and control, whereby you are as capable of buying a controlling interest in another person as you are of selling your own power.

Prostitution should be understood as the selling or selling out of your talents, ideas, and any other expression of the self. The core learning of the Prostitute relates to the need to birth and refine self-esteem and self-respect.

We prostitute ourselves when we sell our bodies or minds for money or when we compromise our morals and ethics for financial gain. That may include remaining in a marriage or job that endangers our well being for reasons of financial security.

In identifying this archetype, ask yourself:

  • Have I ever sold out to people or organizations that I did not truly believe in?
  • Have I ever remained in a situation that offered me financial protection because of a desire for financial security?
  • Have I ever put another person in the position of compromising him- or herself in order to gain power over that individual?
  • Have I ever ‘bought’ another person’s loyalty, support, or even silence, in order to have my way?

From another perspective:

  • Have I ever offered to help another who was weakened by his or her Prostitute archetype?
  • Do I judge others because they find themselves continually compromising themselves?
  • Do I think of them as weak and myself as a better person?

And from yet another perspective:

Have I ever felt myself being pulled into a circumstance that would require me to sell out my ethics, but then found myself strong enough to say “no”.


Prostitute Archetype in Movies

Watching movies related to one of your core archetypes, especially when going through the process of healing your shadow aspect can help you understand your motivations, your passions, your fears – why you behave the way you do.

Healing the Negative Aspect or Shadow Side of the Prostitute

Counselling, guidance or talk therapy. Finding someone you trust, someone who genuinely cares, someone who’s been in a similar situation and has found the strength to change their life and now wants to help others change theirs.

Time, patience, commitment and baby steps in overcoming childhood self esteem issues, regain dignity, integrity and self respect.

Overcoming survival fears, having faith and the belief that you are capable of surviving in a healthy way.

Developing faith in yourself and in a higher power.

Prayer, the cleansing of your spirit

Remembering your inner child, the beautiful child that deserves love, respect and dignity.

Allowing yourself the time to heal.

Finding and developing your true passion and your purpose.

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