Victory Over The Past

Releasing The Victim 

The key to finding victory over your past and inner peace after trauma is in choosing ‘who you want to be now’

What is your identity now?

Are you a victim of the past or a victor over it?

Do you feel you need justice for inner peace?

Healing is the greatest revenge over those that attempt to destroy your mind, body or soul. They don’t expect you to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually, or to get back up and look good and live well. The darkness wants to extinguish your inner light. It wants to turn you to hate, revenge, anger, despair and self pity.

Emotional, physical and spiritual wounds can heal, and there scars can and do fade.

Always remember that you were stronger than whatever darkness or weakness that attacked you. You are alive..

You know you have inner strength. And you know that you are stronger than anything that would try to attack you in the future.

So who do you choose to be now?

A victim?

One of the many wounded?

A survivor?

A thriver?

A victor?

A healer?

Choosing ‘who you are now’, realizing your incredible strength and personal power, letting go of the story and trauma of the past and radically accepting that there are weak and damaged people who are not capable of healing brings about your own victory over the darkness and over the past.

And with that comes high self worth, high self respect, a deep inner peace and your own radical healing.

Surprisingly great examples of these lessons are in the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ as he ‘remembers’ his traumatic past, chooses who he is now, finds inner peace, and has victory over the darkness and over his tragic past.

Here are a few clips..

Childhood trauma – So who are you now?

Finding inner peace – The battle against evil 

Victory over evil and the past

Love and baby steps,

Silver Girl