There Is So Much More To You Than Trauma..

Healing From PTSD and C-PTSD

Morning beautiful people!

Today I have added some quotes from Michele Rosenthal of ‘Heal My PTSD’

She is amazing! And an expert in healing from PTSD. I love her concept of ‘choosing who you want to be now’ – post trauma. I believe we do have to choose our new identity, It’s empowering and helps heal our ‘inner victim’.

I’ll also be adding some posts today regarding, baby steps to reinventing yourself and your life after major loss (divorce, trauma, loss of career, loss of health, loss of a loved one).

Love and baby steps,


Choosing Your Post Trauma Identity

To go back to your old pre trauma identity you’d have to transform into someone lacking your memory on both the psychological and biological levels… and of course this can’t be done. So from this very moment, you need to stop trying.

Building a new concept of who you are now, demands that you look at the things that define you – not just the facts in relation to the trauma.

Trauma happens and so does healing. The past doesn’t stop you from having a future….   and there will be days better than this one.

…You have the power to choose your post trauma identity..

So who do you choose to be now?

All quotes from Michele Rosenthal (healmyptsd)

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