Past-Lives And Historical Personalities

Spiritual Healing, Historical Personalities and Karma

“To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it,

 than it is pleasant to them that bear it.”

~ Elizabeth I

When it comes to past lives, most people want to know the same thing. “Was I ever famous?” they will ask. Yet what is fame anyway? It is when one person is known by many they have never met for what they have accomplished in life. That’s it!

“So Who Really Is The ‘ I ‘ That is ‘ Me ‘?”

When we come into greater awareness of our past lives, we understand that we are more than our current personality. We see that we are infinite beings and we connect with the truth about the totality of our existence. We ask ourselves “who really is the I that is me?”

From time to time, the answer to this question leads us to a famous past life (what I like to call “historical personalities”).

How does a historical personality relate to present day life?


People ask about having been famous in past lives because there is a common belief that when a person is famous, their life is perfect, they have no problems, and that they have infinite amounts of time and money to do whatever they want to do. While money and celebrity gives them greater freedom to promote their causes, it also makes their daily life (especially travel) difficult and complicated. The truth is that famous people are not better than everyone else, they are just better known for both their accomplishments and their failings.


People would desire a famous past life less, if they understood the present life energetic burden it carries. So many people putting so much attention on your past life personality means that energy flows to you in the present. For example, one year there was a year-long celebration of the life of one of my recent past life historical personalities. It was a past life I had not healed. All this undue attention literally made me sick until the festivities were over.


The key word in history is story. The stories are created by writers who wish to promote a polished, glorious image of the raw, ignoble past. These stories build up legends about an historical personality that are mainly lies (compared to how the person actually was). Try to tell the truth about who that person actually was and what they actually did and you find people prefer the legend to the truth. They will be downright nasty when the truth tarnishes the legend’s story.


Especially when you die before you have had a chance to write your own account of important events, you reincarnate to find what others have written about you is just plain untrue. Writers put words in your mouth that you never said. They attribute actions to you that you never did. Worse, they draw conclusions about you that are just downright stupid, unkind, and unfair. All you can do is just read it and comfort yourself with that fact that at least you know the truth.


If you “uncase” your past and proclaim that you are the reincarnation of a “famous” past life historical personality, others will instantly reject your claim. Interestingly enough, if you claim to be a nobody in past lives, others will not reject you, they will just think less of you. The truth is there is NO evidence of your past lives that others will find convincing. For example, in 1953, Harry Martindale saw a column of Roman soldiers marching through the basement of York Minister Cathedral. Since what Martindale saw about the soldier’s uniforms did not accord with the historical knowledge at the time, his account was dismissed. In the 1960s, excavations confirmed every last detail of Martindale’s vision… and still he was dismissed. If artifacts cannot convince others of the reality of past lives, you have NO chance.


For those who would be inclined to believe your claim about having had a famous past life, they would still be skeptical unless you looked, spoke, and acted as like that particular past life personality. They would expect you to exactly replicate your past life successes in the present… and, if you failed to do so, they would dismiss your claim. The problem is that a new life means new choices about body, mind, and emotions, about families and resources, and about life purpose and karmic goals. When the present life circumstances are NOT the same as past life ones, it is impossible to create the same results.


The hardest thing about having famous past lives is that it is like looking deeply into the mirror and seeing a mulitude of ugly faces there. When you read the long list of your character failings in several history books and you know them to be true, it is both a humbling and a humiliating experience. When you read about what you should have done in a certain situation and realize perhaps you could have done that, you feel deep remorse and regret. When you realize you did the best you could but were blocked from doing more for reasons lost to history, you feel bitter and disrespected. History is never accurate.


When you first discover that you had a famous past life, your initial reaction is bound to be denial. You think, “I am so ordinary, how could I have been/done that?”You resist the urge to research your past lives… yet you feel the inner pull to do so. You know that no one else will believe you… but that is nothing when you start out by not believing yourself. You doubt yourself. You try to forget but are forced to remember. No matter how much you deny, dismiss, or distance yourself from your famous past life… it is your constant companion until you choose to heal its issues haunting you today.


As hard as it is to own a famous past life, it is made more complicated by the fact that others also claim it as their own. The more famous your past life personality, the more people will claim it as their own. That should not concern you because, like it or not, you are still stuck with the past life karma from your famous person. Worse, the more your famous past life personality did that was karmically unloving, the harder you had to work in other lives and in this one to balance it.


The one thing that others cannot take from you is your knowledge and your experience. When you have done extraordinary things in the past, you retain the ability to do great things now. Whether or not you choose to draw on the gifts from the past, what you do now always is your choice. You can draw on all the books of past life wisdom inside you at any time. There is no rush or obligation: just be yourself now.


Admit to someone that you are the reincarnation of a famous person from the past and you WILL be abused. Some will say you are just trying to “show off” by claiming to have been someone “better” than you are now. Others will say you are crazy (because reincarnation is total garbage) or that you are a liar (because you are too ordinary now to have been extraordinary). A few (with no mental health qualifications) will diagnose you with all sorts of dire disorders for believing in the “whacky” proposition of reincarnation (while they believe in such things as virgin births and bread/fish from thin air). If others cannot accept you as you are, do not give them any attention.


In the end, you must make peace with all of your past life selves, especially with your famous, historical ones. After you have done your best to heal and balance the karma from all your past incarnations, you should learn from your failures and successes. Take the best from the past to make the present better. Forgive the worst from the past because there is no future in constantly beating yourself up about it. If all you learn from your famous past lives is to “go away and sin no more”, then you are bound only to create great karma going forward.

Source: healpastlives.com



Past Life Regression – Does History Repeat Itself?

When traditional therapy and western medicine are unable to bring about the answers to these questions, some people are turning to Past Life Regression.
Past Life Regression is the process of utilizing hypnosis to explore a past life. There is a growing interest in Past Life Regression Therapy, as evidenced by the exposure and popularity of authors such as Brian Weiss.

Aside from curiosity, why explore past lives at all? The poet and philosopher George Santayana stated “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” While most of us in general do not remember all or any of our past lives while in waking consciousness, we can access those past lives under hypnosis to assist us with our current life lessons.

Of the clients I see, the most common reason that people come for a past life regression is to explore the root cause of an issue that can’t be traced to any event in the current lifetime. Many people also come for further understanding of relationships with key people in their lives, like family members or romantic partnerships.

In fact, past life regression has a number of valuable therapeutic purposes.

Cycles of Behavior – Viewing the cycles and patterns of behavior recurring throughout many lifetimes grants greater perspective on our unique quirks, habits, struggles, fears, choices, hopes and dreams.

Physical Healing – In many cases, the health issues we experience in this life have roots that extend into other lifetimes. For this reason, past life regression can provide information important to healing physical symptoms.

Unexplained Pain – Unexplained pains and syndromes, chronic pain and illness, birthmarks, and other health-related phenomena frequently have their roots in other lifetimes.

Phobias – A regression can also reveal the roots of phobias or other emotional blocks. Sometimes simply having knowledge of the relevant past life experience will be enough to shift the energy, allowing a breakthrough or healing to occur.

There are many other often unexpected benefits including:

Overcoming the fear of death. If you experienced death and knew for certain that you lived on, would you still be afraid?

Staying connected to our loved ones. Experiencing crossing over affirms the continuity of life. One of the hardest things about death is losing the connection and presence of those whom we love. One of my happiest sessions was with a client who had recently lost a child. To experience a former lifetime with this child’s soul and to know that they will meet again was so healing for this client. There is so much reassurance and relief to see our loved ones there on the other side and to know we have not truly lost them.

Discovering your inner strength. All souls have lived at least a few (usually many) difficult lives. Sometimes we suffer. When you re-experience prior struggles and come to realize that you have survived so much already, current challenges become more bearable. You recognize that “this too shall pass.”

Tapping into your inner wisdom. Even in our present life, the intensity of a lesson can fade with time. Revisiting past life events can awaken hard-earned yet buried wisdom. As you connect with and integrate all the pieces of your whole self, you can reclaim greater energy and awareness.

Accessing skills and abilities from former lives. You have transferable skills from your past life. You do not lose the talents developed or awareness gained from former lives. Sometimes these talents can be active at an early age, in which case society might label this child a prodigy or a genius. Other times these skills might lie dormant and can be triggered through reliving past life experiences.


In a typical past life regression session, you will be guided into a deep relaxation. The practitioner will assist you in mentally relaxing your whole body and then focusing inward. There are many methods and imagery for getting you back to the past life, such as stairs or a hallway or tunnel. In general, you are given a suggestion to go back to a lifetime which is relevant to the issues you are currently facing.

You then visit a few key experiences in that lifetime, as well as the death scene. After the death scene you can review what was gained from that lifetime and how it can assist you in your current life. After the session you will usually remember everything. Some practitioners also provide recordings of your session for later review.


If you don’t have access to a past life regressionist in your area, you can work on uncovering your past lives by yourself with these methods:

Self-hypnosis – You can do record yourself reading a past life regression script and play it back

Dreaming – You can direct your consciousness to deliver you a past life memory through your dream. Everything you’ve ever experienced is stored in your consciousness. Your conscious mind which focuses on the outer world blocks most of this information while you’re awake so that you can focus and function in your everyday life. At night the filter from your conscious mind rests while you sleep and you are more receptive to the messages of your subconscious and superconscious minds. Simply hold the intention to remember a past life as you fall asleep. Leave a notepad and a pen next to your bed and record your dream first thing in the morning.
naturally taps into your whole self and facilitates greater awareness. Meditating on a regular basis seems to stimulate spontaneous past life recall in some people.

Source: Tianna Roser is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist. She received her Hypnosis and Past Life Regression training with HCH Institute, a California state-approved school for Hypnotherapy and is also certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Tianna also completed training for Life Between Lives Regression with the Michael Newton Institute for Spiritual Regression.