I Come From A Family Of Emotional Bullies

My father, 2 sisters, ex husband, adult son and daughter are all emotional bullies. It’s ‘my way or the highway’ with them. Over the years I have been repeatedly emotionally bullied, rejected and ostracized by my ‘loved ones’. You become use to it because since birth it’s always been your family’s way  .. it’s ‘normal’ to you.

Bullying causes emotional disorders in it’s victims – so if you suffer from depression look into whether you are a victim of emotional bullying in your family or intimate relationships. The bullies always consider you the poor little weak one in the family (but actually you are the strongest one..)

It was a light bulb moment to recognize I come from a family (a whole pack) of cowards/ bullies (bullies are always cowards incapable of addressing their own fears)..

I can’t believe what they have put me through. But I do know I am braver and stronger than any of them, and I’m pretty sure they know it too..

Bullies run in families. If one of your parental ‘role-models’ was a bully or a coward there is a chance you could become either one and carry on that family ‘role’.

My family ostracized me as a pack. I use to view them as the people I loved the most in the world but I now see them as a pack – yep a pack of cowards!

I have exposed them. It will be interesting to see who comes forward to makes some changes… so far no one has. My father hasn’t replied and my daughter told me she never wants to see me again.

I am so fine with that.. I get to live a life free of abuse with or without them. I also get to free myself of chronic heartache and depression.

I deserve to be treated with love and respect.

From now on it’s ‘my way or the highway’ regarding my family. If they push my boundaries and try to emotionally bully me they can hit the road..

I will choose my health, emotional stability, well-being.. well my LIFE over my family any day.


Love & baby steps to you,

SG x