Changing Your World by Changing Your Story: Reinvention in Hard Times

Rewrite the story you tell to yourself and others. Look for the blessings in your past experiences. They have given you a great strength that can become your opportunity to make a real difference in the world. Make the choice, reclaim your power, and be the solution. ~ James Redfield

This kind of seems to suck (Or does it?)

I am going to painfully honest here. I am, at the moment, I am pretty much homeless. I am literally sleeping on the couch of a friend. (And, I might add, very grateful to have any place to stay at all.)

As I write these words, my worldly goods, stack up to a cellphone, a car – for which I am also very grateful- an (admittedly) banged-up laptop, and a cell phone. Take that and add or subtract a bag clothes (including two pairs of work out jeans), and you have the grand sum of my worldly worth at this point in time.

So what? Why does this matter? Basically, it doesn’t.

That is, unless I want it to. My point in sharing this is not to say poor me, but rather to say this: I am not, you are not, your possessions or even your accomplishments to date. No matter how it all seems, the value of each circumstance is in your head.

That’s right. It is all based on what you think.

Everything in your world is simply a storyboard based on your understanding of what it means or matters. It is all open to interpretation. You, and you alone, at the one who sets a value on the circumstances you face.

You can, at any time, change the storyline in your head and thereby change your fate. You can y cast yourself in your life-play as anything you want. The victim. The hero. The one who gave up or the one who gave all.

This is your moment to be brave, to choose a different path and tell yourself, and the world at large, a different story.

You get to choose how you will respond.

You always get to choose. You may not think so, but you do. In that sense, it does not matter if you are in prison or have a past. We all have a past. But in this moment, even with that you can always make a choice to respond differently, to change the way it unfolds.

Be the hero of your own story

Do you want to be the person who was broken or the one who moves beyond the situation? Do you want to live your grandest dream, live your brightest hope and write a story in which you overcome it all?

It does not matter if you are homeless or live in a mansion. It does not even matter how you have failed in the past. You have this moment, this opportunity to be something greater. How? It is not really all that complicated.

My advice:

Rewrite the meaning of whatever you are facing. See yourself as you long to be. And while you are at it, why not make a difference for someone else? Helping someone else may just be the empowerment you need. How do you do that?

Simple: Listen to your soul.

Ask what it longs for. As what you are hungry for, thirsty for and then seek to give that gift to others. As a child, did you thirst for encouragement? Did you long for shelter or a kind word?

Then it is your moment to shine, here and now, for others who need love. Rewrite the plotline. Have you found yourself alone, or broken? Then seek to heal and uplift in the way you needed it. You understand a need because you lived it.

Go and do as you wished others had (or have) done for you. Rinse and repeat. It does not have to be big or fancy. It just needs to be genuine. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger or as grand as helping to build a home for a needy family.

You are the solution.

Do not look around you in fear that there is no hope. YOU are hope. You are the missing piece. You have the power as soon as you make the decision to be love in motion.

So go now, and live it. Live it with all your might. Make the world better. Make a better you. I know you can do it and I will be here, cheering you on as you cross life’s finish line.

Namaste my brothers and sisters. Today is going to be a good day. All you have to do is choose it.

*** By Victoria Cayce, a freelance writer, shaman, healer, energy worker and spiritual teacher. As a writer, she covers both mundane and spiritual topics.  CayceWritingCompany@gmail.com



Protecting Against Negative People When You’re Trying Something New

Part Keep Your Mouth Shut:

You may have people in your life who…how to say…make you want to stick your head in the oven.

They’re critical, they worry, they pry, they offer their opinions when they haven’t been asked for. They just can’t let you be. And yet, you love them.

Uncertainty and change in the life of a loved one (that’s you) can send them into a tailspin. And it’s not because they’re awful people, it’s usually because they love you and are deeply, genuinely concerned about you.

That’s nice.

But that’s their business. Not yours.

Anytime you start a new purpose-driven venture, you are vulnerable.

Protecting Against Negative People When You're Trying Something New

Your ideas are young and tender, and your emotions may be, too. You need time for things to be soft and unformed.

This is your time to not know, be messy, and not have all the answers.

Perfect fodder for the worriers in your life.

And so, you must protect your infant.

Let me explain…

I’m told that when you’re a new parent and can take your baby home from the hospital, you’re instructed not to take baby out and about to public places for the first six weeks or so. Why? Because there are all kinds of germs and buggies that baby’s system isn’t equipped to fight off yet.

Bebe just got here. She’s susceptible to all kinds of dangers that older kids aren’t. Bebe can’t help it; she’s just a bebe. So mom and dad have to protect her by not dragging her out to Target where something like a stranger’s sneeze or grubby hands could seriously endanger her health.

In this way, your new venture is like a newborn. Your ideas are delicate and not prepared to withstand airborne diseases like criticism, raised eyebrows, and worried voices.

So be careful where you parade your new ideas around. Don’t take your baby to Target.

Not everyone in your life needs to be privy to your new developments. I’m not suggesting that you isolate yourself and try to go through this alone, because that’s not helpful either. You will need support. You will need to talk.

But share this new information with people who can handle it.

And be aware that you may be more sensitive than usual. It’s easy to misconstrue an innocent comment during times of transition.

When you have everything figured out and have a game plan, when you can talk about these changes with confidence and clarity, then consider opening the door to conversation with the worriers. You’ll have answers to their questions, and won’t feel attacked.

So how to handle inquires until then? With honesty and compassion (for you and them).

“You’re so thoughtful to ask. Things are going well, but I’m not quite ready to talk about the details yet.”

“Well, I don’t have all the answers yet, but I’m hot on the trail of something good. I’ll tell you more about it when the time is right.”

“I’m actually keeping things under pretty tight wraps for now. Don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it when I’m ready to make an announcement.”

Simple, straightforward, baby is safe!

By Laura Simms


What Next?

So I’m sitting around thinking what next..

First up I have decided to let go of any profession in the healing field.. I never wanted to be a flakey psychic .. I just never knew what else I could do especially since I am intuitive and have high empathy.

So I’m letting all that spiritual stuff go.. yes, it carved my path and I do believe in all of it but I am ready to keep my feet on the ground. It was such a confusing … and an amazing journey!!

I have definitely learnt a lot and I do believe I have the experience and wisdom to help people… but really I do help people already simply by being a friend and listening to them and they help me too. I don’t need to get paid for caring about other ‘wounded people’.

Helping others is important to me and maybe that’s my gift.. being a friend especially to those being bullied, controlled and emotionally abused .. and also those that believe they are mentally ill when they are really mentally abused..

I want to help to empower them and be an inspiration that you can heal <3

As for my everyday reality, that is, how I will pay my bills etc.. I’m going to continue with my creative business idea and my small event planning – it’s fun for me, I’m good at it and I’m passionate about it..

So something meaningful and something creative and enjoyable – a good balance :o)

As for making friends, I’m learning to ‘observe not absorb’, trusting my instincts, keeping my mouth zipped regarding what I observe and just be understanding, and pushing past my fears. I’m pleasantly surprised that there are lovely people to meet.

As for love, who knows, I’m embarrassingly inexperienced in that department. I think I’ll just focus on my business and making male and female friends and having some fun times and forget about that. I’m not ready for it and if I go there now I’ll only attract difficulties..

I’m starting to feel clearer, probably the reduction in stress!! I feel like my ‘new beginning’ is finally starting..

Love & baby steps,

SG x


‘Leaving Normal’ – (1hr 50 mins)

Bittersweet comedy about the spiritual journey of two hurting women who help heal each other.

It’s also about the delights which can come our way when we give up trying to control our lives.

Best of all, the film is about finding a place which we can call home where our imperfections are accepted.

It’s never too late to start all over again, especially when there’s someone who cares to share the adventure.

Meg Tilly and Christine Lahti (1992)