My First Stress Free Birthday!!

Got up, tea in bed, walked the dog (it’s a stunning day), brought myself cake – ate it and it’s now midday. Feeling peaceful.

Then 2 messages, a private message on FB and an email message both from my sister – “Happy Birthday, Mum and Dad are both sick you may want to call them”

First up … wow … I never hear from my sister… I’ve never had so much attention!!

I delete it..

Later a message from mum on my answer phone – she sounds fluey – I push delete before I hear any more.

I’m done.. they know I’m done..

I’m not being vindictive .. I am truly tired and at this point it feels like my life or theirs and I choose to live..

But wow the good old family guilt -tripping.

It’s no more stress for me.

If my parents die from the flu.. I feel I have done everything Earthly possible to heal my relationship with them and my family. I’ve tried to communicate for the last 8 years – they just didn’t join me and instead sat back and let me suffer.. with emotional illness..

Today I feel peace for the first time and I’m going to enjoy it.