Go Blue


Too many of us, too often, for too many reasons find ourselves in the “Red Zone” of life–that place where the stress hormone cortisol creeps up or crashes in on us, robbing us of vital resources to…

– See the broader picture
– Engage, vulnerably and authentically, with others
– Think of options and solutions
– Be resilient
– Operate in “flow”
– And more

Lean toward the “Blue Zone” today–the state of calm-connect, peace-possibility, flow-flourish, enlightenment-engagement. Start by simply acknowledging what is good in your life–let the gratitude wash over you.

Post by Susan Britton Whitcomb


Love This

Dear Ones –

Here’s an encouraging reminder, for any of you out there who might still be suffering from the trauma-inducing misconception that you’re supposed to be in charge of shit all the time.


Let us not forget: Greater forces than us are running the show. The world doesn’t turn because we personally turn it. Step back for a minute and see how the show still goes on, even when we release the white-knuckle grip we have on the imaginary steering wheel of destiny.

It’s all gonna be OK.

Onward, and a big exhale,
LG (Elizabeth Gilbert)


The Power Of Solitude

‘Solitude Is The Soul’s Holiday’

Okay, there was a time long ago, that I had completely ‘lost myself’. I had been so pre-occupied with my 4 children, husband, family, 4 pets and my mile long ‘to do’ list that anything I had wanted or needed had gone out the door. I was stressed to the max and in distress in my life.

Funny I’m at that point again in my life… ( Note to self: It’s a sign that you need to listen to your inner wisdom and that major changes need to be made)

.. Anyways this inner distress eventually led to complete burnout, so I was forced to stop, rest and change.

For the first time in my life I had to get help.. help to look after my 4 children and help with my home and my daily ‘to do’ list.

One of the first things I learnt from being unwell was that my husband was an incredibly selfish man ..

… and that I was incredibly self-less woman  (a.k.a – a complete martyr and doormat)..

During the many months I spent recovering it was in the solitary moments that I found myself again.

I began to remember what I ‘liked’, what I was really passionate about and what I really needed to be happy and fulfilled. I had the time to really listen to that still quiet voice inside me that was pushing me to ‘remember who I was’.

 I was forced by illness into that quietude, and now over the time and years solitude is something I need every day. It is an opportunity for me to connect with my inner wisdom, my thoughts and my soul.

The challenge is that sometimes I don’t want to know or hear what my soul/ inner wisdom is ever so gently trying to tell me ..  often I mess it up :o)

So the lessons .. well as usual I had many ..

.. but most important was time alone and reconnection to self is essential to my wellbeing.

Enjoy this article below on ‘The Lost Art of Solitude’

SilverGirl x

Quote ~ Maya Angelou

Solitude can be a much-to-be-desired condition.

Not only is it acceptable to be alone, at times it is positively wished for.

In silence we listen to ourselves and in the quietude we may even hear the voice of God.

“I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers.” ~Henry David Thoreau

The Lost Art Of Solitude

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Victory Over The Past

Releasing The Victim 

The key to finding victory over your past and inner peace after trauma is in choosing ‘who you want to be now’

What is your identity now?

Are you a victim of the past or a victor over it?

Do you feel you need justice for inner peace?

Healing is the greatest revenge over those that attempt to destroy your mind, body or soul. They don’t expect you to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually, or to get back up and look good and live well. The darkness wants to extinguish your inner light. It wants to turn you to hate, revenge, anger, despair and self pity.

Emotional, physical and spiritual wounds can heal, and there scars can and do fade.

Always remember that you were stronger than whatever darkness or weakness that attacked you. You are alive..

You know you have inner strength. And you know that you are stronger than anything that would try to attack you in the future.

So who do you choose to be now?

A victim?

One of the many wounded?

A survivor?

A thriver?

A victor?

A healer?

Choosing ‘who you are now’, realizing your incredible strength and personal power, letting go of the story and trauma of the past and radically accepting that there are weak and damaged people who are not capable of healing brings about your own victory over the darkness and over the past.

And with that comes high self worth, high self respect, a deep inner peace and your own radical healing.

Surprisingly great examples of these lessons are in the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ as he ‘remembers’ his traumatic past, chooses who he is now, finds inner peace, and has victory over the darkness and over his tragic past.

Here are a few clips..

Childhood trauma – So who are you now?

Finding inner peace – The battle against evil 

Victory over evil and the past

Love and baby steps,

Silver Girl