Honest Communication

“Many people will not be honest because they fear loss of intimacy and togetherness. In reality, honesty brings people closer together, for it will strengthen their identities. The more you realize your separate identities, the closer you can become. Telling loved ones what is really on your mind and telling others what you really think is the foundation of love.”

~ Changes That Heal by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

5 Things You Should Never Lie About.:


Throat Chakra = Honest Communication

I Speak 

Honesty Truth Communication

The 5th Chakra, the Throat Chakra, represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves.
Here’s some info on the Throat Chakra
Location of our Throat Chakra: Throat

Emotional issues affecting our Throat Chakra: Communication, self-expression of feelings, speaking the truth,  holding secrets.

Color: Blue

Healing Exercises:

  • Singing

Healing Foods:

  • Juices and teas
  • Fruits (all kinds)
Purposes learning to take responsibility for one’s own needs
Physical Dysfunctions sore throat, mouth ulcers, scoliosis, swollen glands, thyroid dysfunctions, laryngitis, voice problems, gum or tooth problems, TMJ
Mental / Emotional Issues personal expression, creativity, addiction, criticism, faith, decision making (choices), will, lack of authority
Area of Body Governed throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, esophagus, parathyroid, hyperthalemus

Extracts from About Healing & Mind Body Green