Discover Your Gifts

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“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

~ David Viscott

Allow Your Soul To Lead The Way..

1. Ask for guidance.
2. Forget about all that you have learned.
3. Let go of fixed plans and concepts.
4. Expect your old life to fall apart.
5. Prepare to be uncomfortable.
6. Get your ego out of the way.
7. It’s not about money, fame, power and recognition.
8. Welcome life’s many gifts with open arms.
9. Maintain an attitude of gratitude.
10. Keep your faith alive.
11. Be soft like water.
12. Seek to be at peace.
13. Embrace humility.

If you ask me, there’s nothing more beautiful than living in alignment with your life purpose. Nothing more precious than embracing your own authenticity, your own beauty and inner power, and then sharing it all with the rest of the world… Nothing more wonderful than doing the meaningful work you came here to do.

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Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

 Trust your instincts. You need to..again. Sigh. But I actually want this print for myself..it's cute for Brooks' room!
*Guest Post
Recently I’ve noticed that at times I’m able to “sense” otherwise unknown information about strangers I encounter.
The first time this happened to me I was in a car with a woman whom I just met literally few minutes before. While chatting with her I almost immediately begun to have a feeling that I was in a “presence” of diabetes.The strange sensation and my persistent thoughts “confirming” it weren’t simply going away.  So I finally changed the topic of our conversation with a direct question:”Do you have a diabetes?” I asked.The woman squinted her eyes while looking straight at me.

“Yes, I do.” She answered.

I explained to her the reason why I asked such personal question. She seemed more intrigued than surprised.

About a week later, I met a guy who within the time frame of introduction, before he even got the chance to speak, gave me a feeling that he was from New York City. It was that same strong sensation I had when conversing with the woman who had diabetes. Curious to know whether in fact my intuition has been sharpening lately, I asked him:

“Are you from New York City?”

He turned his head around to look, I guess, for the possible source of my information. I laughed.

“How did you know?” He asked me in reply. I explained to him what has been happening to me lately.

“This is freaking me out!” He said half jokingly, half seriously.

I know, this stuff is pretty new to me too, but I have some ideas as for what could be responsible for my ability to know things in such intuitive way.

Reason number 1:

I believe that  a while ago when I made a conscious decision to always follow my heart and to never ignore my gut feeling, was when I started to enhance my intuitive abilities. I am convinced that every single one of us is born with such skills. While growing up we lose this incredibly useful tool since we are taught at an early age to ignore (suppress) our feelings.

In the society we live in, being well educated, being smart and clever is more important than being intuitive. If you think about it; almost everyone seems to value more the level of IQ over the inner wisdom. And that’s what sharpened intuition (psychic abilities) is — an inner wisdom we all possess, and which sadly only few seem to be able to access.

It only makes sense that unless we use something on regular basis, we run into a risk of losing it….

So, if we continue to keep giving all the importance to our minds, and our brains, while ignoring our feelings, chances are we’ll never know how truly emotionally intelligent we are!

Reason number 2:

I have a good reason to suspect that my decision of becoming a vegan had also something to do with this phenomena. Since my assuming of this drastic change in my dietary habits, I’ve noticed that my mind has been a lot more sharper as well. I tend to “pick up” on people’s energy a lot faster, and with more accuracy than I used to when eating “regular” food.

No matter what I am being told, and no matter what body language the person I’m conversing with is assuming, I can sense whether I’m hearing the truth, or not. It does get very interesting. I admit, I’ve been having some fun with it… :)

This “phenomena” (I feel like not being able to do this is more phenomenal-like, actually) continues to amuse me. It seems to be not limited to space, for example. I can have those sensations while conversing with someone online who’s distant from me as well.

The “funny” part is that all this hasn’t been freaking me out at all. It seems perfectly natural. I feel as we’re all able to do so.

Finally, reason number 3:

I’ve got a feeling that my decision of consciously forgiving and accepting everything, including myself, had a lot to do with this recent development.

It’s almost as if forgiveness and acceptance had cleared whatever negative energies I’ve been surrounding myself with for so long. Forgiveness, as well as gratitude and positive thinking allowed me to access, what some might call; a higher level of energy. Hence, it’s very probable that my recent experiences are “sponsored” by higher vibrations.

Visualizing of what I desire, (as opposed to focusing on what I hate) as well as acting as if I already have everything I want, may have also a lot do with with all this.

Obviously, all those observations are simply my conclusions, not some scientific facts, of which I really don’t care too much about.

Guest Post
* The Gift Of Depression is one of my newest and so far favorite websites/ blogs relating to one woman’s recovery from 30+ years of depression and the wisdom she gained. Check it out
Source: thegiftofdepression.com

Ancestral Healing – Finding a Therapist

Finding a Therapist

Ancestral memories and childhood memories are stored in your cells. These memories can be released and cleared with the help of a therapist who specializes in regression.

Sometimes when people feel stuck or paralyzed in their present life or have mystery illnesses or chronic depression looking backwards can help them clear blocks to move forward. (more info. in ‘Spiritual Healing’ category).

Create your Future

If you do choose to see an ancestral healing or regression therapist, look for one that is professional and preferably qualified. A few psychotherapists may do this work – get online, do some research and make some calls

Alternatively someone with a degree or qualifications from a well known school or a well known mentor. Someone who has written books on the subject or devotes their life to this subject.

Most important is that you get an instant safe vibe from them (energy doesn’t lie), that they have experience and that they understand the concept and importance of ancestral healing.

Bad feeling about things

Pitfalls on the Road

Do not trust just anybody you first come across or that is recommended – trust only yourself and your ability to sense what is safe for you.  Just as you would not trust a substandard or flaky doctor with your physical health, the same principal applies to your spiritual health. Personally I would run a mile if I entered a room filled with weird new agey stuff and an un-grounded spiritual vibe.

A healers job is to make you feel safe. Although well meaning, many healers are unhealed, are spiritually confused or fearful, are not working from the light and should not be attempting to heal or teach others until they fully heal themselves.

Hmm..maybe not!

A healed healer has worked hard on themselves. They have worked through the darkness, through their own shadow sides and fears, have healed their own past, have forgiven others and now know that their spirit and energy is safe in the hands of God. They do not need gimics to protect themselves They are strong and safe already.

This does not mean they are religious fanatics. Their only real religion is love and believing in the power of love and of God.

Look for someone balanced… they look balanced, they feel balanced, their space has good energy and you feel safe. They use their head (they’re intelligent), their heart and their healing instincts in combination.

Additional Emotional Support

As the ancestral issues arise you may require healing your emotions regarding the past as well.

Your spiritual therapist may not be an expert in emotional therapy, so if you feel you require additional emotional support discuss this with your trusted healer (they should sense it anyway). They may be able to recommend someone from their contacts that is an expert and safe, or consider seeking out a friend or counsellor (some sort of talk therapy) and use both in combination.  Again use discernment and seek out safe people. Someone you can discuss anything with (no matter how crazy it sounds  :o) – without judgement.

If you cannot find the right people, pray for guidance and help. Ask that the help you seek comes only from the light and is for your highest good.

And finally…

After you have some answers to the puzzle of your past that make some sense, think about at some stage visiting or exploring what you are drawn to. At first you may be scared and that’s okay – in time you will feel safer and brave enough to go on an adventure, explore, maybe travel around and meet people by following your instincts and internal radar / warning system. If it’s overseas, group tours are an option too.

Before travelling make sure you are in a balanced, healthy, good space and are well grounded. This is important. You will know when the timing feels right and good, because it will feel exciting rather than terrifying :o)

If in doubt – wait…the right time will come.

Journal your dreams or visions. Do research online, read books, slowly put the puzzle pieces together and after your journey has ended come home refreshed and hopefully with a lot less emotional baggage, more clarity and better health :o)

You may just find out a little family history that is both fascinating and healing.

History repeats itself – so be bold – go forth and change it.

Choose to live and create your best life and future – out of love not fear.

Love and baby steps,



Why Motivation Doesn’t Really Matter

Have you ever really wanted to do something, but you just weren’t motivated enough to do it?


This is always my number one reason for not taking action, as I’m sure it’s probably yours too. If you’re not motivated, you just don’t have the energy or the drive to do what you need to do, right? Simple enough.

But here’s three of the biggest problems with relying on being highly motivated all the time:

  1. Maybe you don’t really care about what you’re doing. Maybe it doesn’t really matter and you’re trying to force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. In this case, your lack of motivation is your subconscious telling you “this is not important” or “this does not align with my values.”
  2. Energy comes in waves. And just as each wave has a crest, it also has a trough. Sometimes your level of motivation will be like a rushing tsunami. At other times, it will be a steady flow. These are natural rhythms and following these rhythms are important, because if you don’t, you will burn out.
  3. Sometimes you won’t be excited before you take action, but you will feed good after you’re done. Take exercise for example. A lot of people dread or loathe working up a sweat. They are not motivated beforehand, at least not enough for them to break through the mental resistance to the work that will be done. But, they feel awesome when they’ve finished exercising. Therefore, sometimes you can’t rely on being highly motivated before, sometimes you have to rely on being motivated after.

Does that mean that motivation is unimportant? No, it’s still important and it does play a role. But too often, it’s easy to get caught up in relying on being totally psyched about something before you do it.

You will not always be totally psyched.

And that’s okay. Does water get anxious when it reaches a depression in the earth? No, it is completely content in its state of acquiescence. When it reaches a hill it does not worry that it now has to travel faster and pick up its pace. It simply flows down the hill.

The way water flows is called following your natural rhythms.

The reason I first started looking at this different way of approaching my goals was because typical motivation hacks didn’t work for me. Sometimes they would work, and sometimes they wouldn’t. Sometimes visualizing success would be highly motivating and sometimes it would simply flunk with a dull thud. It was only when I allowed myself to let go, that I success started to come more easily for me.

I admit, this may seem hard to at first, but it’s a matter of trust. You have to trust your authentic self to guide you in when it’s time to take action and when it is time to just be.

Here are a few ways to practice this non-striving way of manifesting your desires:

  1. Practice listening to your intuition. A lot of us have a tendency to question the validity of our intuition. We favor our rational mind and its sure, logical method of explanation. Our intuitive mind, however, is just as valid. As Einstein once said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Learn to honor your intuitive gift by practicing asking yourself questions and listening to the response you give yourself without trying to logically deduce the answer.
  2. Take time to ask yourself what you really want. We often get so caught up in the attachment to achieving our goals that we forget to listen to what we actually want. Instead of us creating goals as a means to fulfill our desires, we become enslaved by them. Whenever you feel that your goal is weighing you down, ask yourself “What do I really want?” and listen silently to the answer you receive.
  3. Accept that you won’t always be insanely motivated. If you’re waiting to take action until you’re incredibly motivated, you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself. It’s better to ease the strain by allowing yourself to be mildly interested or even in a state of dread. Allowing yourself to be in this state makes it easier to move past it because you’re no longer resisting it. When you resist the state you’re in, you perpetuate it.
  4. Tap into your flow. We all have times when we’re more creative or more energized, and we all have times where we feel like resting and recharging. For some of us, these ebbs and flows may happen at certain times of the day, for others it may be completely random. The point is to pay attention and exploit these fluxes of energy. By taking massive action when you are full of energy and by allowing yourself to relax when you are in a state of calm, you respect and honor yourself. You will accomplish more by following your natural rhythms than you would trying to force yourself.

There is a time for being productive and there is a time for resting. Just as in nature there is a time for activity and new life in the spring, and there is a time for rest and turning inward in the winter.

Just as nature knows that its perpetual growth is unsustainable, we must realize that expecting to be productive all the time, leads to burn out and being less productive.

Maybe it’s time we start listening to our bodies. I think the more we follow the way of nature, the more intelligently we live.

 Source: Zen Habits contributor Jonathan Mead.