The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Archetypal Hero’s Journey


Incredible symbolism, inspired quotes, heroic story line, battles between light and dark forces..

Watch it, then watch it again..

Books, movies or artwork .. what is not to love :o)

Lord Of The Rings Monomyth – The Hero’s Journey

The hero begins in the ordinary world, and receives a call to enter an unknown world of strange powers and events.

The hero who accepts the call to enter this strange world must face tasks and trials, either alone or with assistance. In the most intense versions of the narrative, the hero must survive a severe challenge, often with the help of a mentor. If the hero survives, he may achieve a great gift or “boon.”

The hero must then decide whether to return to the ordinary world with this boon. If the hero does decide to return, he or she often faces challenges on the return journey.

If the hero returns successfully, the boon or gift may be used to improve the world.

The stories of Osiris, Prometheus, Moses, Gautama Buddha, and Jesus, for example, follow this structure closely.

Love and baby steps on your’ Hero’s Journey’,