“I Am Safe”

Reminder to all – please try to ignore¬†media fear mongering, it’s truly disgusting!

The sensationalized media reports can be very triggering for sensitives and people with PTSD . Don’t buy into it.

And please don’t be tempted to dwell in it by reading reports over and over, and don’t believe everything you read – take it all with a grain of salt.

A suggestion.. switch off that TV, don’t read the paper or news online (or read less) and don’t view graphic violence! Once seen you can never unsee it..

See no evil    OR.......  Weeping Angel?????

I haven’t read the paper or watched TV news for years and I still manage to know what’s going in the world.

Have faith and do something enjoyable everyday.

Take a walk and suck up the beauty of nature, watch uplifting or funny movies, get in the garden, play with the kids, play with the dog, sit in the sun, read an inspirational book, do something nice for someone, be kind, get creative, read beautiful poetry..

Only you are responsible for your emotional and psychological health, only you can have faith and protect your soul.

Instilling fear and arousing public alarm when there is no imminent threat is rampant in the media and a dangerous thing, it causes stress and hysteria and that plays havoc on individuals and families. It stops you enjoying the moment, robs your life in the now.

You cannot stop the craziness in the world but you can be the kind, inspiring and calm one..

‘Be happy in this moment,

This moment is your life’

SG x