Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

 Trust your instincts. You need to..again. Sigh. But I actually want this print for myself..it's cute for Brooks' room!
*Guest Post
Recently I’ve noticed that at times I’m able to “sense” otherwise unknown information about strangers I encounter.
The first time this happened to me I was in a car with a woman whom I just met literally few minutes before. While chatting with her I almost immediately begun to have a feeling that I was in a “presence” of diabetes.The strange sensation and my persistent thoughts “confirming” it weren’t simply going away.  So I finally changed the topic of our conversation with a direct question:”Do you have a diabetes?” I asked.The woman squinted her eyes while looking straight at me.

“Yes, I do.” She answered.

I explained to her the reason why I asked such personal question. She seemed more intrigued than surprised.

About a week later, I met a guy who within the time frame of introduction, before he even got the chance to speak, gave me a feeling that he was from New York City. It was that same strong sensation I had when conversing with the woman who had diabetes. Curious to know whether in fact my intuition has been sharpening lately, I asked him:

“Are you from New York City?”

He turned his head around to look, I guess, for the possible source of my information. I laughed.

“How did you know?” He asked me in reply. I explained to him what has been happening to me lately.

“This is freaking me out!” He said half jokingly, half seriously.

I know, this stuff is pretty new to me too, but I have some ideas as for what could be responsible for my ability to know things in such intuitive way.

Reason number 1:

I believe that  a while ago when I made a conscious decision to always follow my heart and to never ignore my gut feeling, was when I started to enhance my intuitive abilities. I am convinced that every single one of us is born with such skills. While growing up we lose this incredibly useful tool since we are taught at an early age to ignore (suppress) our feelings.

In the society we live in, being well educated, being smart and clever is more important than being intuitive. If you think about it; almost everyone seems to value more the level of IQ over the inner wisdom. And that’s what sharpened intuition (psychic abilities) is — an inner wisdom we all possess, and which sadly only few seem to be able to access.

It only makes sense that unless we use something on regular basis, we run into a risk of losing it….

So, if we continue to keep giving all the importance to our minds, and our brains, while ignoring our feelings, chances are we’ll never know how truly emotionally intelligent we are!

Reason number 2:

I have a good reason to suspect that my decision of becoming a vegan had also something to do with this phenomena. Since my assuming of this drastic change in my dietary habits, I’ve noticed that my mind has been a lot more sharper as well. I tend to “pick up” on people’s energy a lot faster, and with more accuracy than I used to when eating “regular” food.

No matter what I am being told, and no matter what body language the person I’m conversing with is assuming, I can sense whether I’m hearing the truth, or not. It does get very interesting. I admit, I’ve been having some fun with it… :)

This “phenomena” (I feel like not being able to do this is more phenomenal-like, actually) continues to amuse me. It seems to be not limited to space, for example. I can have those sensations while conversing with someone online who’s distant from me as well.

The “funny” part is that all this hasn’t been freaking me out at all. It seems perfectly natural. I feel as we’re all able to do so.

Finally, reason number 3:

I’ve got a feeling that my decision of consciously forgiving and accepting everything, including myself, had a lot to do with this recent development.

It’s almost as if forgiveness and acceptance had cleared whatever negative energies I’ve been surrounding myself with for so long. Forgiveness, as well as gratitude and positive thinking allowed me to access, what some might call; a higher level of energy. Hence, it’s very probable that my recent experiences are “sponsored” by higher vibrations.

Visualizing of what I desire, (as opposed to focusing on what I hate) as well as acting as if I already have everything I want, may have also a lot do with with all this.

Obviously, all those observations are simply my conclusions, not some scientific facts, of which I really don’t care too much about.

Guest Post
* The Gift Of Depression is one of my newest and so far favorite websites/ blogs relating to one woman’s recovery from 30+ years of depression and the wisdom she gained. Check it out
Source: thegiftofdepression.com

Taking Back My Power!

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Something I need to remember over the next couple of months..

I have the power within me to change my circumstances, my life, my current reality.

I am the creator of my current life experience.

Until I accept responsibility for what I have created, I cannot change it. And I cannot change it if I do not believe that I have the power to do so.

Belief / Trust / Faith is the key.

Belief, trust, faith in what? …

… In myself.

I am not alone… Part of me is here in the human realm, and the other part of my Self exists in the higher realms. I am not alone and I never have been.

Nothing is impossible! Nothingno Thing! Except what I believe is not possible!

I can choose now if I wish  the old paradigm to be my living experience, and I can continue living in ‘victim mode’ or I can decide now to move into the new paradigm.

The choice is always mine.

Life is not meant to be a struggle, it is meant to be joyful.

Now is the time for me to summon my power and put my authority into action and transform my intentions into reality.


Getting Into Survival Mode

Time To Stop Being Passive

Get your life back!

We all reach a point in our life when we need to make the choice to live. To really live.

We may have been through hell but it takes choices and action to get out of hell.

To get up and fight for your life, fight for your future.. to survive.

This is hard when you’re been in a long term abusive relationship or a dysfunctional family – because It’s hard to get up when all you want to do is lie down and you may not know how to survive on your own because you’ve always been controlled. You’re not a strategist and you don’t have the skills of focus, discipline, determination and commitment.

Survival may be something you have never had to do before – to protect and provide for yourself without support.

You may feel terrified. You may procrastinate knowing you have to take some action, but feel overwhelmed where to begin..

Due to the abuse or trauma, you may have PTSD, not be able to focus clearly and be suffering from dissociation, you may find it difficult to take action.

I’m going to suggest one task for you to start. One thing for you to do everyday consistently. At this stage you don’t have to do anything else – except maybe look for some healthy support or talk therapy.

The thing to do is to get back ‘into your body’and re-train your brain  – this is very important especially if you have PTSD and feel somewhat ‘out of body’ and drifting through life. Time is ticking by and you’re not achieving much..

People who have been subject to abusive or controlling behavior are emotionally very strong, they have strong and big hearts, but they need to develop a strong mind to go with their big hearts. From being controlled their mental strength has atrophied – literally. Brain scans prove this.. abuse and neglect damage the brain.

Time to heal and balance that…

This is a very simple plan and it’s starting point to help get back into your body.. and re-train your brain..

You have to be consistent…

Monday – Go for a walk (DO NOT exceed 20 mins). Walk briskly or to the very best of your ability  .. for no more than 20 mins – this is important! If you’re sick or very unfit – go slow and start with 5 mins – the important thing is to start and be consistent. If there is nothing else you can achieve all day – achieve this. This is it, the one thing – forget the dishes, the housework – you only have to eat, sleep, do some washing and do this. Organize what you need the night before – find your old walking shoes, old track pants and a t-shirt, forget about your looks and think about your survival. Don’t make it difficult, keep it simple – throw on your gear and walk out the front door. Get home and rest for the rest of the day if need be.

Tuesday – Do crunches (5 sets of 12) – DO NOT do more than that.. but do them to the best of your ability and do them correctly. Have a break between each set if need be and remember to protect your back as you do them.. Watch the video for a demo.

Get a piece of cardboard and write on it ‘ I am Strong’ in large letters – make a sign.. Place it in the room you do the crunches in. Each time you feel too weak remind yourself that you are strong – do 12, have a break, tell yourself that you are strong and that you can do this.. do 12 more… repeat.

 Wednesday – Repeat walk

Thursday – Repeat crunches

Friday –  Walk

Saturday – Crunches

Sunday – Rest Day

There is a very good reason to start this very simple routine which may not be understandable to you ..

1. People with PTSD or C-PTSD need to get into their body and slowly and gently re- wire their brain – pushing yourself for a hour at the gym daily will never work for people with PTSD – you’ll give up, not because you’re lazy or weak, just that it’s simply too hard and we will be setting ourselves up to feel like failures. Which we are not! This system is manageable.

No fancy gear required.

2. We need to activate our ‘core’ muscles – we can do this by doing the crunches. This is the key starting point to external strength. This relates to our ‘solar plexus’ chakra and issues regarding procrastination. Crunches activate your core and balance your solar plexus..

3. These small and easily achieved acts of discipline a day help you develop mental strength and focus. Remember baby steps.

4. Slowly you will achieve results and it will not be at all difficult, it will take time but it is easy!

5. You will begin to focus better.

6. You must be consistent, think of it as something you do daily like cleaning your teeth.

7. You are incorporating discipline, commitment and focus into your life – you need these attributes in order to survive and heal. You are working new muscles do to speak – mentally and physically.. and they will get stronger.

8. Only you live in your mind, you are in control of it. Tell the little voice inside your head that says ‘I’m too tired, it’s too hard’, I want to sleep’, there’s no point’, it’ll take forever’…. where to go and choose life, choose health, choose to survive.

This may seem small but it is a big starting point.

Next up – Diet for Healing..

Love and baby steps,



Procrastination = Solar Plexus Deficiency

Signs of Solar Plexus Deficiency:
Weak Will
Low Motivation
Low Energy
Poor Self Discipline
Victim Mentality
Emotionally & Physically Cold
Blaming of Others
Poor Digestion
The Solar Plexus Chakra deals with growth and pertains to issues of the:
 Intellect, Personal Power and Control
 When balanced you are able to take action and meet challenges, you feel confident, have self acceptance, and respect for the nature and emotions of others. You are responsible, reliable and have a good sense of humour.
 Ways to Balance your Solar Plexus Chakra when Deficient:
Mentally – Affirmations – “I am positively empowered and successful in all my ventures”
Physically Exercise – Strengthen core muscles
Emotionally – Examine your self esteem, confidence and self respect with a a counsellor.

About Chakras

Why am I unwell and how can I heal?

 The chakras relate to the quality of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

 Chakras are energy centers and part of the energy body. Each chakra corresponds to a different part of the body and has a different function.

The 7 main Chakras are:

Crown – top of head (issues of spirituality)

Third Eye – between the eyes (issues of decision making)

Throat – throat (issues of communication)

Heart – chest (issues of love)

Solar Plexus -upper abdomen (issues of self worth)

Sacral – lower abdomen (issues of well-being)

Root – base of spine (issues of survival)

As ill health can occur when any of these chakras are out of balance, identifying whether one of your chakras is deficient or in excess is a valuable tool and enables you to take action to balance it and start the process of healing emotionally and physically.

These 7 Major Chakras (energy centers) are in general three to four inches in diameter. They control and energize the major and vital organs of the visible physical body.

They are just like power stations that supply life energy to different organs. When the power stations malfunction or go out of balance, the corresponding vital organs become sick or diseased because they do not have enough life energy to operate properly.

When they are balanced you feel happy, healthy and whole.

Please go to my ‘Chakras, Chakra Balancing and Chakra Colours’ categories for more information.


Solar Power

Sunlit from Heaven

“When pain brings you down, don’t be silly, don’t close your eyes and cry, you just might be in the best position to see the sun shine.” 
― Alanis Morissette

The Sun is healing.

It’s good for you. It makes you feel good.

Sunlight is nature’s energy, it’s a mood enhancer and our skin absorbs essential Vitamin D from it.

According to statistics 3 out of 4 people are Vitamin D deficient.

By spending 20 mins in the sun each day, you can restore your Vitamin D levels.

*Do not cover your arms or legs with clothing or sunscreen, as both prevent synthesis of vitamin D from the sun.

Vitamin D

The skin is the largest organ in our body,

our major source of vitamin D comes from absorbing sunlight through our skin.

The Vit. D we absorb from the sun regulates our immune system, promotes bone growth, so makes our bodies strong and plays major roles in the life cycle of human cells. It has many other essential functions.


Sunblock may just be the major culprit in the world-wide Vitamin D deficiency.

The sun is not dangerous if you’re responsible.

Would you slather sunblock all over your other organs, like your liver or kidneys..or would you protect them?

 Allow the sun on your skin first, then cover up areas that could get burnt – a hat, a light overshirt, sunglasses, a sarong etc.. or move into the shade if you’re outside for the rest of the day.

Use sunblock only if necessary and only on areas that need it.

Low Vitamin D

 Low vitamin D levels increase risk of several diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and prostate, colon and breast cancers. In contrast, high vitamin D levels reduce risk of arthritis, increase lung function and boost the immune system.

Simply walking, working or reading in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes every day allows your body to make sufficient amounts of vitamin D.

Set up an area and get into the light daily – relax, restore and enjoy!


The Vampire Archetype

Light Attribute

Makes you aware that something or someone is draining your life force.

Ability to hold your own energy.

Shadow Attribute

Depleting others for your psychic survival.

Chronic complaining and co-dependency.

The Vampire is a mythic creature associated with both blood-sucking and eroticism. Vampires require blood, which they get by biting the neck of their victims during a nocturnal visit.

The female victim has been portrayed in the paradoxical circumstances of wanting to repel the Vampire while at the same time welcoming the erotic nature of the connection. The Vampire returns every evening to his source of life until there is no more to be had.

The parallels between human lust and vampiric blood-lust are rich: as the Vampire satisfies his thirst for blood, his host grows increasingly helpless and submissive, eventually being drained of any capacity for self-protection.

Symbolically, this relationship speaks of the power dynamics that frequently drive male-female relationships, in which the male drains the power of the female for his own psychic survival, and, once bitten, the female submits even though this will eventually take all of her power. (In some relationships, of course, the roles can easily become reversed.)

Beyond the sexual level, we sometimes form psychic attachments to others because we desire their energy, a desire that manifests through a need for approval, a need to have the “other” take care of our survival, and a fear of being abandoned.

What has been defined as a co-dependent relationship could easily fall under the Vampire template.

You may find it hard to identify yourself as a Vampire, yet it is essential to review this archetype personally.

The Shadow Aspect

Patterns of behavior such as chronic complaining, over-dependency, holding on to a relationship emotionally or psychically long after it has ended, and chronic power struggles are all indicators of Vampire patterns. Holding onto someone on the psychic level is as real as holding on to them on the physical.

Interest in the Vampire archetype has re-emerged through the literary and entertainment fields. It may well be that the archetypal opening of humanity’s psyche during these past five decades has resurrected the Vampire, empowering it with a force on the psychic plane of consciousness that was not engaged prior to this time.


Look for a lifelong pattern of behaviour such as chronic complaining, over-dependency and holding onto relationships psychically long after they’ve ended.