Bipolar Disorder Or A Mislabeled Gift?

The Bipolar Mystic

As an individual with Bipolar, I am continually fascinated by the scientific work being done to learn more about Bipolar.  Unfortunately, most of what we know about Bipolar and mental illness remains speculative.  Could there be more to the story than a different kind of brain?  Is this different brain designed by God/dess for more than madness – in fact for a kind of emotional brilliance?  Is there in fact a purpose to our illness that few could guess at?  Could there be other, little known but effective ways of managing Bipolar for some individuals?  Recently I ran across an article that piqued my interest.  The article discussed intuitive empathy as an explanation for some people who are diagnosed as Bipolar.  An excerpt of the article (http://www.paranominal.com/parapsychology/18603/the-bipolar-empath.html) reads:

“The most common psychiatric diagnosis among those with extraordinary empathic skills is Bipolar Disorder. Also known as manic depression

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