The Power Of Introverts (19 mins)

 Oh my .. I love this TED Talk by Susan Cain author of ‘The Power Of Introverts’

Well worth the watch, made me laugh and cry :o)

I spend a lot of time in the ‘wilderness’ and come back with my insights, and that’s my superpower :o) Some of us are poets, writers, artists…  and we need that time alone.

SG x


The Annual ‘Corso Zundert’ Parade Honors Van Gogh with Monumental Floats Adorned with Flowers

Just wow..

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The 2015 Corso Zundert, the legendary parade of giant floats adorned with thousands of dahlia flowers that twist through the narrow streets of Zundert, Netherlands. 19 teams took inspiration from the work of Vincent van Gogh who was born in Zundert 162 years ago. The towering floats borrow colors, motifs, and imagery from van Gogh’s painting including several interpretations of the artist’s self-portraits.


What Are You Planning On Making Today?

Good morning, Dear Ones!

I’ve always said that — if you want to be a writer — you must write the book that you feel is missing from the world. You must write the book that fills in that spot on the bookshelf that somehow feels empty to you. You must write the book that you yourself would love to read.

Similarly, if you are an artist, you must paint the picture you would like to see.

You must write the song you would like to hear.

You must build the house you would like to live in.

You take nothing, and you turn it into something: That’s creativity.

But maybe it’s like that with everything in life — not just the arts. Maybe the arts are just the most literal definition of taking nothing and making it into something. Maybe in all realms of life, you must somehow figure out how to create the things that are missing from you.

Out of the emptiness of despair and loneliness, you must try to create fellowship and friendship.

Out of the emptiness of anger and injustice, you must try to create justice and fairness.

Out of the emptiness of cruelty, you must try to create grace.

Out of the emptiness of division, you must try to create communion.

Out of the emptiness of resentment and vengeance, you must try to create conciliation and forgiveness.

Out of the emptiness of abuse, you must try to create appropriate boundaries.

Out of the emptiness of judgment and self-righteousness, you must try to create goodwill and compassion.

Out of the emptiness of deception, you must try to create honesty.

Out of the emptiness of apathy, you must try to create enthusiasm.

Out of the emptiness of abandonment and dysfunction, you must try to create trust and dignity.

Out of the emptiness of nihilism, you must try to create faith.

Out of the emptiness of neglect and self-destruction, you must try to create health and tenderness.

Out of the emptiness of conventionality, you must try to create…well…ANYTHING.

You cannot look upon the sadness of the world (or the sadness of your life) and add up all the dreadful evidence and say, “Well, it’s a conclusive fact: This is a universe of sorrows, and I am its cursed victim” — and then give up.

You must create goodness — precisely because it may not always be there automatically.

Inside the void, there is something waiting to be made — something longing to be revealed.

There is an empty shelf, waiting for you to fill it with something good.

You cannot just wish for that good thing to appear on its own — no more than I can wish for my next book to materialize on its own, without me actually taking the time and energy to write it.

You gotta write that story yourself, or it will never exist.

I always think of that classic children’s book HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON, where Harold bravely draws his entire world anew. There’s something so scary about the way Harold steps out in the void all alone. But then he utterly trusts that — armed with nothing but his one purple crayon — he can create an entirely new universe…it’s really powerful stuff. Because without that crayon, there is nothing but void.

Out of nothing, we can make something.

That is the core and the essence of creative living.

What are you planning on making today?

LG (Elizabeth Gilbert)

Elizabeth Gilbert's photo.

Your Elusive Creative Genie/ Genius

Writers, Poets, Artists, Creatives

Creativity and Depression/ Mental Illness

Why do so many poets, artists, writers and creatives suffer from mental anguish/  illness?

This is a great video!

Love this talk from Elizabeth Gilbert (writer). Actually I love everything Elizabeth Gilbert does, fullstop. Answering the question – where does your creativity come from? Is it in you.. or does it work through you, or both. This interesting and entertaining video is approx. 20 minutes long but well worth the watch..

Enjoy .. SilverGirl x