The Annual ‘Corso Zundert’ Parade Honors Van Gogh with Monumental Floats Adorned with Flowers

Just wow..

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The 2015 Corso Zundert, the legendary parade of giant floats adorned with thousands of dahlia flowers that twist through the narrow streets of Zundert, Netherlands. 19 teams took inspiration from the work of Vincent van Gogh who was born in Zundert 162 years ago. The towering floats borrow colors, motifs, and imagery from van Gogh’s painting including several interpretations of the artist’s self-portraits.


Vincent Van Gogh In Present Time (Preview – 3 Mins)

So beautiful and worth watching the full episode …

‘Vincent and the Doctor’

(Doctor Who 2010 – Series 5 Episode 10)

Visiting a museum, the Doctor and Amy are especially excited with the gallery for Vincent van Gogh. Many of van Gogh pieces are displayed, including “The Church at Auvers (1890)”. However there is something irregular discovered on the painting – a small image within a window pane.

The Doctor quickly takes Amy back to 1890 where they locate the troubled artist that upsets the locals, cannot pay his bills, and is able to see and feel what no one else is able.


Your Elusive Creative Genie/ Genius

Writers, Poets, Artists, Creatives

Creativity and Depression/ Mental Illness

Why do so many poets, artists, writers and creatives suffer from mental anguish/  illness?

This is a great video!

Love this talk from Elizabeth Gilbert (writer). Actually I love everything Elizabeth Gilbert does, fullstop. Answering the question – where does your creativity come from? Is it in you.. or does it work through you, or both. This interesting and entertaining video is approx. 20 minutes long but well worth the watch..

Enjoy .. SilverGirl x


Creative Inspiration – Blind Painter (4 mins)

Sargy Mann has been painting all of his professional life.

In his mid-30s he developed cataracts on both eyes, eventually leading to total blindness but he continued to paint.

Twenty-five years later, Sargy’s work is highly sought-after by collectors with paintings regularly selling for upward of £50,000 (US$80,000).