What You Imagine, You Create.


This quote resonates strongly in me today. I’ve been through a lot in the last few months – ¬†and I feel I’ve finally come to the end of some hard and painful lessons.

Emotional healing is work and it’s hard work – it takes a toll.

Give yourself the time and no judgement.

Be gentle on yourself. Sleep if you must, cry if you must. Nourish yourself as best as your energy can during the process.

It will all work out. The bills will get paid and the work will get done. But maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…

Have faith in the healing process because this work is important.

I know I am changing dynamics in myself which will affect my family, my children and my future.

It only takes one person to change and the whole dynamics change.

If you want a better future and if you can imagine a better future, you can create it.

Have the courage, hold the vision and create something amazing.

Love and baby steps,