Christmas Is Over

Goodness this touches my heart.
Lovely post by Author Tony A. Smith.

Tony A. Smith


Christmas is over!  The last of the car doors slam shut with one final thud.  She watches close as they back slow out of the narrow concrete driveway.  Little Molly and Jimmie start to scuffle in the backseat as Jimmie yanks a piece of Molly’s long brown braided hair.  She has just spent a wonderful Christmas with her four grown children, their wives, and seven grandchildren.  Tires snug tight against the drive and turn inward as the hot rubber lets out one short and soft squeak.  Time and wisdom has marked her face with the wrinkles of many Christmas days spent together.  She waves, sad that the family must leave at the end of this very special day.  She continues to wave her limp wrist hand until they are out of her sight.

Smoke from the exhaust slowly dissipates as she turns and trudges towards the front door.  Her head…

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A Kiwi Christmas

Family, friends, gatherings, sun, sand, surf, swimming, barbecues, music, children, presents, backyard cricket, cicadas, pohutukawa’s in full bloom, camping, sailing, road trips, pavlova, berries, ice blocks, cool drinks