Life-Giving Relationships

Relationships…when they are healthy and balanced, they can be life-giving and energizing. A supportive relationship, founded in love, whether it is romantic or friendship based, can offer an invigorating level of companionship and life-long support. In a balanced relationship, energy and is given back and forth, and grows — uplifting both people into their highest creativity.

However, when relationships lose their balance, the opposite energy flow occurs; each person feels short of energy and thus begins to try and force energy their way with criticism and control dramas. We all have experienced the feeling of weariness that comes when interpersonal hostility develops.

The solution is always the same. Each person must find their own inner source of security and inspiration, and then become fully conscious of when this connection is lost.

Just remember that we all have a spiritual download of Peace, Calm, and Inspiration (to do something with our lives) waiting for us. Once we find our inspired path, we can speak our truths in a loving and helpful way, without the need to dominate. In a relationship, our time should be spent supporting each others’ goals and dreams, and discussing the synchronicities that are guiding the way.

We become wiser together… and that’s what it’s all about

~ James Redfield


Go Blue


Too many of us, too often, for too many reasons find ourselves in the “Red Zone” of life–that place where the stress hormone cortisol creeps up or crashes in on us, robbing us of vital resources to…

– See the broader picture
– Engage, vulnerably and authentically, with others
– Think of options and solutions
– Be resilient
– Operate in “flow”
– And more

Lean toward the “Blue Zone” today–the state of calm-connect, peace-possibility, flow-flourish, enlightenment-engagement. Start by simply acknowledging what is good in your life–let the gratitude wash over you.

Post by Susan Britton Whitcomb


Dawn Drive

Dawn Driving


At 5 am this morning I was giving my son his first driving lesson and before 6 am we were walking our dog along a local beach.

This is not our usual :o)

The reason we were out and about so early was that we went to the markets to sell items. We both got up around 3.30am and drove all the way, only to discover the market was closed today (between Xmas and New Year). We both laughed instead of grumbled about our early morning outing.

We decided not to go home and instead I gave my son his first driving lesson in the dark, first around our local supermarket, he then drove on the road for a while and after that we hit the beach.

The beach was stunning! The morning light was beautiful in its pink and gold hues and there were a few others up and about – some getting their kayaks out, a few with dogs, one local lady had brought her mug of coffee to the beach.

We may just make this ‘our’ usual.

Getting up early and seeing the sun come up on a beautiful day has a magic and peace. Such beauty and calmness in the air at that time :o)