Starting My Work

I recently spoke to 3 very good spiritual mediums (two at a holistic market and one who owns a healing centre). They all say the same thing that I am ready (to start my work as a professional healer), and all that’s holding me back is my own belief in my abilities.

The mediums believe in me, and they don’t even know me :o) They all tell me I’m a powerful healer.

I just lack confidence and I’ve been feeling dumbfounded because I’m not sure how to begin, I kind of expected a path to open up for me..

The medium told me about the story ‘Acres of Diamonds’ and that we tend go off searching for what we want but need to realize and develop the ground we are standing on.

So today I’m going to sit down and figure out what I want and my vision of what my healing work will look like.

One thing I know is I need to eat an alkaline diet (or I absorb too much and get sick..)

Some questions to ask .. can I see myself working from home, working in a healing centre, working one to one with a client or within groups? Doing retreats, writing books? Working in mainstream? Working with peers? Do I need to study? Do I need to start a regular spiritual practice, like yoga or meditation?

I’m going to get a large piece of paper and get to work drawing up, visualizing my plans and utilizing what I have in front of me rather than searching far and wide..

Got to say I’m feeling nervous already, just wait until I get my first client..

Love and baby steps,

SG x

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