Blocks On Your Path ~ Repeat Offenders

Pitfalls, Avalanches And Booby Traps

Often we feel completely ‘on track’ and are happily moving forward… and then ‘BAM!’ Something happens that completely blocks our path – like an avalanche!.. Or completely knocks you off your bike and you need major recovery time.

Maybe we’ve let a repeat offender back into our life (like a bullying family member), maybe we thought they’d changed .. maybe we’ve let a new charming partner in and now red flags are waving in our face.. We feel exhausted and frustrated during these times, now we are stressed, distressed and off track. We feel we can’t afford to lose more of our precious time, our precious energy, our precious life especially to repeat lessons, to repeat offenders.

Do we ever learn!

How many times does this have to happen before we learn?

map-how-to-0811mld107418.jpg ~ Take memory down Memory Lane. Frame your trip. You’ll have a gallery of getaways and a reminder to look back fondly on family adventures -- including that time the car broke down.:

First up, don’t be too hard on yourself. Yes we do learn, yes we are learning all the time. It’s just that there are pitfalls and many repeat lessons. We have to learn a lot..  how to take care of ourselves. We have to learn how to stand up, use our voice, be heard, sometimes not react, decide who is good for us, and who wastes our time and energy. There are decisions to make..  like what is most important to us right now, (is it survival and healing or finding a new partner, or connecting with those bullying family members?). We need to learn who to trust instinctively.

Often we need to say no, or ‘enough I will not be part of this drama any longer’. Sometimes we need the mindset “fuck you, I am important damn it”, and walk away.

Self care and self preservation while healing is your priority!!

We are in a highly vulnerable state, prone to bullying, to control that is disguised as ‘helping’, to damaged people, to love bombing, to people wanting only to take advantage of us.

Be cautious, be smart, allow yourself the time to gain your strength and heal, that may have to be your priority for now. Things that were once important will have to be put aside during this time. People that were once important to us may have to be put aside. You may have to go no contact for your own healing and SURVIVAL! You do want to live right?

Mix only with those that give you positive vibes and energy!! Even if that means you need complete space from Great Grannie Esme, Cousin Sue and your BFF!

Then you’ll notice that each time you come across that same old block, you’ll either spring back a little faster, a little more resilient. Or even better the day comes and you see it ahead and you say ‘fuck that again, that’s booby trapped! And you simply walk around it :o) The lesson is complete.

Finally it feels good to be ‘back on track’ A LOT wiser for your experience, and with less energy and time lost.

The longest and toughest journey’s are the most rewarding.

Onward healing!

Love & baby steps

SG x


Today’s Feelings

Calmer. I don’t need to be so strong anymore.

& im floating in the most peculiar way / art / illustration / oniric:

Feeling tired, vulnerable. Tired of battling. Letting go. Letting go of my need to control. Letting go of my rigidity. Accepting, softening. I don’t have to be so strong anymore.

 I don’t really understand the illustration but it feels like how I feel.

I need to stop fighting, I need to float.

SG x


Today’s Feelings


I’m focusing on all the things I CAN do to change my life. I may not be able to fix things or people but I do have the power to change my own life.

Every day I am selecting my thoughts much like the way I select my clothes.

I can go for a walk, I can get in the garden, I can clean up, I can change my situation.

From the minute you wake up implant the good stuff into your head. Let go of the, ‘it’s hopeless’ sinking thinking.. and become hopeful.

If you’re an over-thinker at least over-think positively! Only you have the power to change your thoughts. Highly sensitive people are very ‘open’ and have so much more stimulus coming in. It’s imperative for us to sift through the negative stuff.

Your negative thoughts affect your emotions .. and your behaviour.

Thoughts create your reality and negativity can be the psychological cancer to your whole program.

For ‘Highly Sensitive People’ emotional understanding and resilience, viewing the ‘bigger picture’ and developing mental strength and positivity are things we learn from our trials. Over-ride the negative belief systems and the negative implants.

You are amazing, you have a purpose for being here, you are gifted.

“You were never created to live depressed, defeated, condemned, ashamed, or unworthy. You were created to be victorious”

So what CAN you do today to change your life for the better? Don’t focus on what you can’t do..

CHANGE happens first by changing your thoughts about things.

Get in the garden for an hour (and enjoy it)? Enjoy a walk? Learn something new? Clean out a few drawers? Eat well? Make some money?

Love, baby steps and enjoy the process.

SG x

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