The Knight Archetype

Knight . Rescuer . Warrior

Light Attributes

Loyalty, romance, and chivalry.

A love of honour

Shadow Attributes

Allegiance to a destructive ruler or principle.

Romantic delusions.

 The Knight archetype is primarily associated with chivalry, courtly romance, protection of the Princess, and going to battle only for honorable causes.

The Knight serves his King or Lord and so this archetype has spiritual overtones as well of service and devotion. Loyalty and self-sacrifice are the Knight’s great virtues, along with a natural ability to get things done.

A true Knight, like the Mystic, walks the fine line between self-sacrifice and self-neglect.

The Shadow Aspect

The Black Knight donning dark armor and riding a black horse represents the shadow characteristics of this archetype, especially the absence of honor and chivalry.

Somewhat like the Warrior, the shadow Knight manifests as loyalty to a questionable ruler or principle. In its negative aspect, the Knight can also, like the Rescuer, fall into a pattern of saving others but ignoring his own needs.


Look for a pattern of service to others that straddles the line between self-sacrifice and self-neglect.


Movies portraying the ‘Knight Archetype’

Watching movies related to one of your core archetype especially when going through the process of healing your shadow aspect is a powerful tool to help you understand yourself (your motivations, your passions, your fears – why you behave the way you do).