Narcissists and Sycophants: A Marriage Made in Hell

The psychopath and the sycophant (“psycho fan”)960

Rantings and Ravings

Whether we realize it or not, we all have at least one narcissist in our lives. In fact, according to authors Jean Twenge, PhD and Keith Campbell, PhD, there is a narcissism epidemic in this country.  (The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement, Free Press, 2009, Twenge PhD., Campbell, PhD.).

After reading this eye opening book I found myself thinking about this subject in general and agree with the authors that narcissism is sweeping our country and wreaking havoc on the personal, social and professional relationships of the masses. Most of us, however, live in denial. We don’t want to view someone we look up to as a narcissist and we certainly don’t want to acknowledge the hold narcissists have on us and on the world at large. We also live in denial about the part we play in the creation of the narcissist and the perpetuation of…

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Well it seems getting angry and being assertive worked. My daughter really toned down and withdraw her fighting stance.

She can be a bully, so standing up to her worked.

We actually continued to talk calmly and realized that we are chalk and cheese and we tried hard but need to give it up.

I won’t spend my life having to monitor my feelings to be around her and when the sh*t hits the fan it’s just exhausting and she’s really unreasonable. It takes days out of my life recovering from the storm.. and it’s a cycle.

I’m still not functioning, no energy, feel like I’ve run an emotional marathon.

My daughter definitely has narcissistic traits. The first 5 years of her life were very good and she was so loved by her Dad and I. He definitely spoilt her though and I got really ill from burnout when she was 5 and life was not that good after that.

I feel bad when I’m around her, and when we go ‘no contact’ I’m sad because I love her but at the same time I feel free, and I’m free of depression and I feel like doing a happy dance :o(

Sad, but I really believe being a narcissist is a choice, she knows she has her father’s tendencies, she’s really smart but feels she doesn’t need counselling.

She’s 23 years old and her gorgeous boyfriend is starting therapy because she feels he has communication issues (not her though).

Her last relationship was for about 4 years and they were young and the boy was cute, by the end of the 4 years he looked like he’d been through the wringer.

Will she change or grow out of it? Maybe but not for a very long time and I feel it will only be a major life crisis that pushes her to address these issues.

SG x