The Balancing Act

Masculine & Feminine



Feminine, Right Brain, Creativity, Imagination, Love, Intuition, Soft, Air, Water, Upper Body, Beauty, Healing, Believes, Emotions, Sensuality, Holistic Thinking, Daydreaming, Feelings, Spatial Perception, Presents Possibilities, Impetuous, Fantasy Based, Appreciates, Philosophy, ‘Big Picture’ Orientated, Symbols & Images, Arts, Non Verbal, Rhythm, Purity, Light, Ethereal, Nurturing, Compassionate, Giving, Wisdom, Spirituality, Introverted, Faith, Infinite, Soul, Heart,


Masculine Principle, Left Brain, Logic, Analysis, Linear, Language, Facts Rule, Fire, Earth, Lower Body, Practical, Order/ Pattern Perception, Reality Based, Survival, Forms Strategies, Maths & Science, Detail Oriented, Knowing, Acknowledges, Computation, Sequencing, Sexuality, Money, Power, Determination, Action, Thinking, Hard, Extraverted, Grounded, Driven, Solutions Orientated, Risk Taking, Present, Ego, Mind.


Music and Healing

“When you’re happy you enjoy the music,

when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.”

~ Frank Ocean

I often find myself humming some random tune from the past that seems to somewhat magically pop into my head. When I stop what I’m doing and think about the words or google the lyrics they always relate to what I’m feeling or experiencing emotionally at that moment in time.

I love that… it’s magic

I love the healing power of words and music.

Like everything in life there is light and dark, there is healing music and destructive music.

Next time you find some song stuck in your head, check out the lyrics  – you may be surprised and the words may just soothe your soul :o)

 Here’s some visual gorgeousness in the form of lyrics, typography and art from The Beatles

Three of their inspired song lyrics have been healing and stuck in my head in the past..


‘Let It Be’

‘Here Comes The Sun’

So beautiful

SG x

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