You Don’t Need To Find Your Purpose

You’ve always had it

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Those of us that have been through many betrayals and heartbreaks, overcome addictions, abuse and depression (covert and overt) etc..  have a huge capability to love and serve humanity.

If you have been broken but still remember who you truly are, if humanity has nearly destroyed you but you can still love humanity and if you are able to reconnect with God and love after losing all hope there is a God or love on this planet..

… then you are pure inspiration.

Your purpose is to love and serve .. whether you do it through music, kind words, poetry, writing, dance, science, a smile.

You’ve probably been doing that your entire life without even realizing it , and you may have tragically found not everyone has your courage or capacity to love.

Maybe you’ve experienced great pain and betrayal

 loneliness and heartbreak

 suffering and confusion

But you know what love is and what love isn’t

And you know love heals.

Love heals the pain and betrayal, loneliness , heartbreak, suffering and confusion.

‘Love heals scars love left’

There is not enough love in this world, so ‘if you can’t find the light, be the light’

If you’ve got a big heart, letting God/Love work through you is your purpose, to be inspiration to others is your purpose.

You don’t have to find your purpose because you always had it.