One Way Ticket

Goodbye Home

Well, it’s time..

I’m finally leaving on Sunday, one way to Europe. And what a mission life has been ..  escaping and divorcing my ex, recovering from illness, surviving his wrath, selling my home and belongings, and the heart ache of having no other choice but to re-home my much loved fur baby.

I’ve had to let go of a lot of things I love in order to survive one dangerous man, in order to live well and be free. Divorcing him wasn’t enough, I had to let go of my home, my belongings, my family, my pets, my country… and maybe even my identity.

Not many would believe what I’ve been through. I find it hard to believe! My life was robbed from me, but now it’s time to rob it back..

I have been blessed, at time miracles have happened. Just when I needed it most amazing help has arrived that enabled me to keep going when I really couldn’t do it alone anymore. I am grateful.

I will finally be free of this sociopathic ex. A man who would stop at nothing to destroy me.

You have to survive abusive relationships. And I never knew the degree of how sick and twisted a person can be.

Now I do. Now I am wiser.

 I’m meeting two of my adult children in Spain for Christmas. We have all had the courage to leave this man and our country, and have no plans of returning.

Finally things are working out. Finally life can be good.

Can’t help but wonder what’s next… exciting!!

SG x

Stress free :o)


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