Passion through Pain

Synchronicity Worldwide

People often wonder why I am so passionate about what I do. Why bother working so hard whilst struggling to make ends meet when it would be so much easier to just “go and get a proper job”…

It wouldn’t be easier; in fact I’d most definitely completely lose the plot.

You see here’s the irony (life is indeed always a paradox):

This week I spoke at a conference on a revolutionary mental health transformation project in the NHS about how vital it is to talk openly about our feelings in order to avoid the repression of them causing mental distress. We are campaigning to de- pathologize human emotion as an ‘illness’ and redefine it in terms of a normal reaction to traumatic life experiences.


Hardly rocket science is it? Common sense really.

Then this morning I tried to broach talking about our feelings surrounding mum’s latest hospital admission with…

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