I’m beginning to believe this..

Do you believe there is a plan for your life? Do you ever feel that there’s a force trying to make it very difficult for you to ever reach your highest goals?

Are you ever tempted when you’re in a vulnerable state to take the seemingly easier path? Maybe that’s a detour that will take you completely off track. Often what seems the easier option really isn’t..

SG x

The devil is a destiny blocker. His plan is to turn your life upside down and destroy your future.

When the enemy takes away the authority over your own life, that means he can control you. He can rearrange your plans. He can call the shots. He can set his own agenda for your life. Never put yourself in a position where you no longer have the ability to manage your life. Clearly, we see that obedience to the Will of God keeps you on a straight path to your destiny.

When you are in bondage, you cannot move freely in the plan of God for your life.

~ Dr. Angela M. Rucker

8 thoughts on “Hmmmmm…

    • I’ve had writers’s block.. haven’t been really able to express myself for many months.. Sorry.. also stopped reading my followers posts, not sure what was really wrong? Needed space from the world maybe :o) Love your post SG x

      • I’m really good thanks BNiP :o) My house is finally empty and I’m actually motivated! I’m working on the interior cleaning and gardening, and should be listing in 2-3 weeks. It’s been a very long time coming, many fears to face and tons to heal from, but I’m still proud of myself. I knew I’d make it somehow (just didn’t think it would take 2 years!) I now feel excited about ‘what’s next’.

        Regarding the block, I’ve started a hundred posts but I just can’t get anything from the depths of my heart. Painful truths may be something to think about (sounds scary :o( but I need to unblock this heart of mine.
        Hope you’re well too xx

      • Sounds like you are doing exactly what you need to do ❤️. Happy to hear you are feeling accomplished and proud. There is no time limit on healing or journeys. We take the time we need. Happy for you. ❤️

  1. Often, I have come to realise that the blocks and destruction have made way for new things – enabled me to go on to discover and experience things and people I would have never done without them. I had to really sit there and admit it, I really never would have done it alone, and just sleepily stuck to what was so comfy and predictable – id still be there now, and not know what I now know. I wouldn’t even be writing this message, discovered nature, been on my many adventures, witnessed incredible things, and discovered many deep truths. This feels like a new chapter, Im building up what feels like ground zero, from nothing, but even though this has been harder than anything beforehand, new possibilities are slowly presenting themselves, new ideas, new ways of doing things, new people, new places…….its helping me get where I need to be, and become who I really am. Life often scares me, but it also amazes me. <3

    • Beautifully put :o) and wow, I’m really happy for you, and proud of you. I can see how much you’ve grown and how many fears you’ve overcome. This isn’t easy. Overcoming huge fears and challenges, healing, it’s complex..

      I agree with all you say. Personally I’ve realized there is a plan for my life, which sometimes feels surreal. Every time I tried to do what I wanted, life got hard, I would get depressed. I wasn’t on the right path, my soul knew this. Fact is the right path terrified me, but once on it, it flows and life becomes easier. Sometimes it feels like a State of Grace. I also would have stayed exactly where I am. I didn’t want to sell my house, or go overseas. I’m just not that brave, I was paralyzed by fear!! But I’ve been pushed to grow and get out of my comfort zone. I feel like you, it’s amazing, exciting, and scary but I know I have to do these things. 

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