Dealing With A Narcissist

Good stuff, worth watching!

Focusing on yourself and healing your own issues, empowers you and stops you attracting narcissistic people/ partners.

SG x


One thought on “Dealing With A Narcissist

  1. Honestly, I think most who attract N’s have a parent or both who were N’s. Emotionally unavailable bullies. We are not just like them. We are continuing the battle to get love from a turnip so to speak, that is what we were taught was love. Scientist have confirmed cells have memory. I think our cells feel when someone is not emotionally available and vibrate at a frequency N’s cells recognize. I think it is THAT deeply rooted. I also find CoDA meetings are invaluable for getting well enough to bring all that subconscious activity to the forefront of our consciousness. We need to feel good about ourselves, love ourselves unconditionally long enough that we can change that cell memory to one of love for ourselves. We need to trust our feelings when someone does not make us feel good. Observe behavior rather than fall for the pageantry of illusion they trot out. Our cells are fully replaced every 7 years, love all of yourself for 7 years, all of your emotions, learn the lessons they teach you, you will be an amazing person to yourself at the end of that journey. Just my own weird thoughts.

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