Empty House ~ New Beginnings

Well my house is practically empty. I’ve sold all the furniture and I’m off to the tip today with many bags of rubbish. Tomorrow I have loads of boxed up goodies to deliver to charity shops.

I’ve been absolutely ruthless getting rid of it all and it feels amazing! Too much pain connected to the past, I need it out of my system, out of my environment.

All I have left is a mattress, bedding, a chair, TV, minimal cooking equipment, a car, few clothes, cleaning and gardening gear and some bathroom essentials.

For the next few weeks it will be gardening, booking some professional repair work and a major clean of the entire house before listing it completely empty.

I can’t wait for it to sell. I can’t wait to leave.

I can’t wait to move away from this old environment, the stress, the past. I can’t wait to have a holiday travelling around for a bit and getting some much needed peace and clarity for my next steps.

It’s taken such a long time getting here!!!

Looking forward :o)

Love & baby steps,

SG x



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