Your Legacy

How much are you willing to give up in order to heal?

In order to have peace of mind? In order to live? …

Would you leave your partner? Your job? Your family of origin? Your friends? Your home? Your lifestyle? Your children? Your pets? Your country?

All of the above?

Those of us from psychologically abusive (crazy making) families and relationships often have to overcome great fears and give up many things we want and love to find peace of mind… to heal our souls.

Sometimes walking away from a dysfunctional system is a matter of survival, of self preservation, and often heartbreaking sacrifices need to be made.

My therapist used to say “you can’t change the system while you’re in the system”, you can only remove yourself, heal yourself and create something healthy and new… And in doing so, you hope and pray that you carve a path out for others to follow. 

This is your legacy..

"The spiritual battles you fight are not always about you; often they are about others who will become part of your spiritual legacy." - #spiritual_legacy #prayer:


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