The Emerald Isle

Happy St Paddy’s Day!

Got to admit I know nothing about St Patrick but it’s a good day to celebrate Ireland. I have some Irish ancestry as my Grandmother’s name was Molly O’Shea (couldn’t get more Irish than that!). She was not born in Ireland and was very much a Kiwi (her family immigrated here during the Great Famine in the 1800s).

What a wonderful world we live in with so many different cultures and nationalities to celebrate and explore. I have French, Scottish, Swedish, Welsh and Irish ancestry that I know of. We’re a melting pot aren’t we..

SG x

“Irish Quote”

May You Never Forget What Is Worth Remembering, Nor Ever Remember What Is Best Forgotten...Sláinte!!! (you pronounce it slaan-sha) It translates literally to health, so it comes out to I drink to your health! Take care my friends! Happy Saint Patrick's Day and God Bless you all! From the Melott-Myers clan <3:


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