Find A GOOD Therapist..

Good therapists are out there and what a blessing they are. Just like in any profession, there are the good, the not so good and the ones that will take advantage of you.. My suggestion (from experience) if it doesn’t feel 100% safe and positive WALK AWAY and look again! Keep looking, trust your feelings, your gut, your instincts. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of time, money, and potential heartache!

A good therapist is an amazing blessing!

Do not trust anyone simply because they have a degree. A degree makes you a therapist, it doesn’t make you a GOOD therapist.

A therapist that is not a fit is a waste of your time, energy and money.

Finding a good therapist makes the work so much faster, smoother and less painful..

Find a therapist that you feel a connection with and good vibes.

Don’t be slack simply because it’s easier to see just anybody… just like you can see any doctor rather than finding a doctor who actually gives a shit about your wellbeing.

Trust your INSTINCTS!

Find a therapist that their work is not only their career but their vocation (you’ll feel it)..

Find a therapist who doesn’t let their personal belief system (religion etc..) get in the way.

Find a therapist who is open minded and non-judgemental.

Find a therapist that has strong personal boundaries and work ethics.

A good therapist lets you talk but is also solutions orientated.

A good therapist you feel safe around the minute you meet them.

A good therapist has a big heart but also uses her brain.

A good therapist can play different roles like teacher, mentor or guide.

Make sure your relationship with your therapist is not co-dependent. eg. you are vulnerable and need a friend and she unconsciously holds you from moving faster through therapy because the cash each week is good.

A codependent therapeutic relationship is hard to break… Often it is not conscious., but it is a sign that your therapist has work to do on herself.

Your therapist’s issues shouldn’t come up as you talk. This is about you.

You are paying good money, so don’t waste it on a therapist:

  • Who lets you talk but offers no solutions
  • Who isn’t that good and you know it!
  • Who make you feel anxious around them (there is good anxiety and bad anxiety).
  • Who makes you feel uncomfortable or bad or unsafe

Seeing a same sex therapist is a good idea.

Transference can be a problem with opposite sex therapy relationships (sexual attraction, rescuer/ victim dynamics).

Make sure your therapist is not taking advantage of you ~ financially, sexually ..

Love & baby steps

SG x



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