Core Values In Relationships

Make-Or-Break Bonds

Core values. By Artist Karla Dornacher Karla is a neighbor, an inspiration, & a joy.:

I’ve been thinking about my core values in regards to relationships with others.

It gets difficult in a relationship when you have different values. For example some people don’t see the value in being kind.

Our values ultimately make or break our relationships. While breaking up can be very painful short term, in the long term it creates room for the kind of relationship you really want.

In my marriage, regarding beliefs, morals and values, I realized “the two of us were not only not on the same page, but we weren’t even in the same book.”


So what if you father doesn’t value fidelity and is constantly having affairs, or your son doesn’t value compassion and these are your core values? How do those relationships play out?

Here’s a list of some common core values.

What’s most important to you?

SG x



2 thoughts on “Core Values In Relationships

  1. I don’t think your core values should be too extreme from your partners and your moral values need to be the same. If a man’s 5 core values were ambition, success, strength, order and hard work… and a woman’s – faith, love. independence, compassion and family. I think you’d rethink the relationship. Too extreme, even if he was morally a good man.

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