The Balancing Act

Masculine & Feminine



Feminine, Right Brain, Creativity, Imagination, Love, Intuition, Soft, Air, Water, Upper Body, Beauty, Healing, Believes, Emotions, Sensuality, Holistic Thinking, Daydreaming, Feelings, Spatial Perception, Presents Possibilities, Impetuous, Fantasy Based, Appreciates, Philosophy, ‘Big Picture’ Orientated, Symbols & Images, Arts, Non Verbal, Rhythm, Purity, Light, Ethereal, Nurturing, Compassionate, Giving, Wisdom, Spirituality, Introverted, Faith, Infinite, Soul, Heart,


Masculine Principle, Left Brain, Logic, Analysis, Linear, Language, Facts Rule, Fire, Earth, Lower Body, Practical, Order/ Pattern Perception, Reality Based, Survival, Forms Strategies, Maths & Science, Detail Oriented, Knowing, Acknowledges, Computation, Sequencing, Sexuality, Money, Power, Determination, Action, Thinking, Hard, Extraverted, Grounded, Driven, Solutions Orientated, Risk Taking, Present, Ego, Mind.

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