Seriously, What The Hell..

Psychic Attachments?

 It’s taken me two years to battle and overcome the fear of travelling to a specific country I’m drawn to. The fear wasn’t particularly rational, it had a lot to do with healing the generational past but I am now feeling really excited about travelling.

I had planned on going for 3 months + but some intuitive part of me never wants to live here again..

I made up my mind last week that I really need to do this. So I’m listing my house.

My son come over yesterday, and told me his father (my ex) has decided (out of the blue) to sell his home (in the same area as mine) and that he wants to move overseas, have a complete change career.. He wants a vineyard in Europe.

Weird I’m going to the South of France.. half way across the world.. and there are lots of vineyards in Southern France ?? (Even him moving to Italy is too close to me, I was trying to leave my past with him behind).

He knew nothing of my plans as far as I know..

According to my son, his new wife does not want to move, but in the last week 2 people have viewed his house (just random cold callers).. it’s not listed, but one is making an offer. WTF.

He had always told the children that this was his permanent home (as it’s on the beach which he loves and will go way up in value). He had always mentioned it was a family trust home that he will leave to them. Guess people change their minds..

He is a man of action. When he decides something it happens.. doesn’t matter about what his new wife would prefer. She has family here and loves it here.. so she may stand up to him but if he’s determined I doubt she’ll win.

I can’t believe it.. but I know he has ancestral history in Europe (probably the majority of us do). Hopefully he’s pulled to Eastern Europe and not France..

I think he still has psychic attachments to me. I released mine to him the day he remarried.

Imagine if he moves to the South of France.. anyway I could always visit France and come back home (he may not be here!!)

SG x



5 thoughts on “Seriously, What The Hell..

    • It’s no rush, taken me years to decide this is the right thing for me.. I have to go, I’ll never be happy unless I go (and better now than when I’m too old..) I won’t rush into making it a permanent move though. I’ll just travel there first (I’m just not feeling a pull to live here anymore but that may be my feelings today) …but he is making a rash decision.

    • What would it hurt if you quit running and settled down just a little? Have you ever felt you are sometimes impulsive? I know at times when I want to do something I want to do it RIGHT NOW, especially selling a couple of houses, to my detriment. I used to use the old-fashioned consciousness raising groups for support. Groups work like magic for me. Even healers can grow with support–like me, a psychologist.

      • Hi Nan, I don’t feel I’m being impulsive because this has been a 2 1/2 year decision and I strongly feel it’s something I have to do. I can’t say I want to, it would be far easier to stay here, but I know I won’t feel satisfied if I do. I’ve been avoiding travelling out of fear but sometimes you just have to do what scares you.

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