Hey daughter… stop running away like a weak little b*tch!

Adding some humour to the situation

And the saaaaaaga continues..

Emails back and forth.. Mine gentle/ passive, hers cruel/ aggressive.

She was doing her usual cycle ..silent treatment, then cruel email not giving a fuck about my feelings, then the…  I need to have space from you..

Yep as usual no healing, no closure.. just run baby run and leave your shit behind you ..

So I snapped, I’ve had enough of the BS. I’m always so fucking kind, so fucking gentle and so fucking PC.

Suddenly my communication did a turn around.. probably because I do not give a crap anymore what happens..

I sent 3 messages: (I was on a roll..)

1.”You talk about being brave… huh… you lay down your laws on what people are allowed to feel in a situation. You do not allow anything to heal because when it gets tough, you’re too busy running away like a weak b*tch!!!
Hey .. guess what I haven’t left the ring..
You are behaving like the only way you saw growing up.. this is the way your father communicates … do you want to communicate like that or do you want to figure out a healthier way. Maybe my style is passive but yours is aggressive. Just maybe we can heal this together… if you quit f*cking running..”
2.”Hey!! Guess what I found my inner bitch and I like her!
I’m always too f*cking kind and gentle on you, what you really need is a good kick in the pants.”
3.”You think you know everything.. you don’t so bow down cause I’m Queen .. bitch!!! Wow feels good.. Imma gonna keep it rolling.. “
*** Okay.. last one got a little crazy :o) but I’m feeling a little crazy after all this drama. So will it work? Hey I really don’t fucking care anymore but it made me laugh.. for once.
SG x



7 thoughts on “Hey daughter… stop running away like a weak little b*tch!

  1. I know this would come. Because u also have limit for ur patience . how many time would u give her a chance to make peace. Now may be u should stop worrying a bit. She will come back to you . don’t u think its affecting ur physical n mental health. She dont want to communicate n share. So how much will u wait ? I know she is ultimately ur daughter but be Lil selfish and think about urself for a moment in day at least

    • Yup.. I’ve officially had enough. Just went for a long walk and made the decision.My turn to walk away now, I don’t want to mend it, and I’m not going to take her back .. A mother’s love is strong but she’s killing me. She’s like her father.. I feel better now, FREE!!!. I was too tolerant of him and I’m too tolerant of her. She’s come back a few times.. I don’t want her back again. Thanks for following my story looks like you knew the dynamics miles away :o(

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