8 thoughts on “Today’s Feelings

    • I’ve felt pulled to do something for a couple of years but have been literally paralyzed by fear. I spoke to a medium to get some advice and she made me realize I have to do it and that pushing through my absolute terror is a key to happiness… eek!!! Acknowledging just how terrified I am is actually helping me move forward, go figure.. Hugs to you to <3

      • Makes sense, because acknowledging is the first step to facing the fear. Facing the fears that terrify me is what I do, day in, day out. It becomes easier. A lot easier after pulling the “I missed the part where I give a fuck” bucket, out of the cupboard. Sometimes I am astonished by the amount of conflicting, stupid, and irrational fears that live in my head. Squash mercilessly. That’s my motto. :D

  1. It happens to me quite often and news are : you and I are not the only ones. Something is quite sick in our society. In the meantime, no, we are not letting this or going to let this get int he way. We are worthy of love , peace and everything we want in life and we will get it and get there. Yeah for you ! <3

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