Starting My Work

I recently spoke to 3 very good spiritual mediums (two at a holistic market and one who owns a healing centre). They all say the same thing that I am ready (to start my work as a professional healer), and all that’s holding me back is my own belief in my abilities.

The mediums believe in me, and they don’t even know me :o) They all tell me I’m a powerful healer.

I just lack confidence and I’ve been feeling dumbfounded because I’m not sure how to begin, I kind of expected a path to open up for me..

The medium told me about the story ‘Acres of Diamonds’ and that we tend go off searching for what we want but need to realize and develop the ground we are standing on.

So today I’m going to sit down and figure out what I want and my vision of what my healing work will look like.

One thing I know is I need to eat an alkaline diet (or I absorb too much and get sick..)

Some questions to ask .. can I see myself working from home, working in a healing centre, working one to one with a client or within groups? Doing retreats, writing books? Working in mainstream? Working with peers? Do I need to study? Do I need to start a regular spiritual practice, like yoga or meditation?

I’m going to get a large piece of paper and get to work drawing up, visualizing my plans and utilizing what I have in front of me rather than searching far and wide..

Got to say I’m feeling nervous already, just wait until I get my first client..

Love and baby steps,

SG x

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6 thoughts on “Starting My Work

  1. Ah, yes, this struggle is all-too-familiar to me. I’ve also been guided to be a healer, but I don’t know that it’s the path I want to follow, frankly. I just feel a sense of duty, that I “should” be doing something to work toward that, but then again…I just don’t know.

    I wish you the best of luck on figuring out your thing. What kind of healing work do you do?

    • Hi Juana, funny I feel exactly the same.. I’m a very reluctant healer. I would prefer something easier.

      Really I think I’m just terrified! Part of me feels confident and knows all my experiences, lessons and wisdom point to being a great healer and another part of me feels do I really know what I’m doing????

      My biggest fear is to re-traumatize a client by triggering.. or making someone feel worse :o( My intention is to heal and do no harm!

      I have other options and I could be an excellent event stylist but just not sure it will feed my soul anymore :o(

      On some level it feels my duty also, but once I begin and overcome my fears and gain confidence, I’m sure I’ll be really happy. I often find myself sabotaging my efforts out of fear.. Maybe you feel the same?

      My work is complex (like a big jigsaw where I put the pieces together). It’s based on logic, intuition and personal experience.

      I work in past, present, future (ancestral healing and moving forward and creating a new healthier future), archetypes (the roles you play) identifying shadows/ challenges and your greatest potential.

      These things can assist in healing invisible illnesses like chronic fatigue, immune disorders, chronic mental health issues, spiritual emergencies etc..

      I’m passionate about empowering women after generational abuse, trauma or neglect. I’ve also got contacts of good people (emotional healers, physical healers and ‘open’ mainstream professionals like therapists etc..) that I can also refer people to as I’m predominantly a spiritual healer.

      What kind of work do you do?

      • Your work sounds really neat!

        For me, I’m always thinking, “I need to make money. I need to be practical.” (I have two kids, and I’m sick of being broke and penniless, because I’ve been that way most of my life.)

        I hear ya on the fear of re-traumatizing or causing harm. I feel the same way.

        I worked with a couple of shamans in Portland, and I’m actually wanting to go more of a curandera route. I’m originally from Mexico, and so that seems to me like a way to go back to my roots. I don’t know where to find a curandera around where I live, though, so I don’t know that I can do any kind of apprenticeship at all.

        I also have a Reiki Level II, but I struggle with people saying that “Reiki is hooey,” as a good acquaintance recently wrote me on Facebook via commentary on someone else’s page. I just struggle a lot with the fact that the healing arts isn’t really a “legitimate” thing to most people in the general population.

        I came upon shamanism via a soul retrieval that I actually experienced on a Reiki practitioner’s table (I wrote about that experience some time ago on my blog), and because of how it helped me, I became convinced it could help others who’d gone through what I had. I was raped in 2010, and it took me a year to find anything that remotely helped me. I also was dismissed by the police and legal system, and of course, I faced the victim blaming and such that people around me would say in their ignorance of what kind of crime rape actually is.

        So, for me, it’s important to really dismantle the systems that are in place that allow things like this to happen and get swept under the rug. I want my focus to be not only intervention and healing, but prevention and destruction of outdated attitudes that people continue to teach their children which contribute to these things continuing to happen.

        Right now, I’m just a mom. I don’t do anything else with my time (I haven’t even left the house in I can’t even tell you how long). So, I don’t know, I feel very subdued and powerless in my own personal life, and I think that holds me back from really stepping into the healer’s shoes.

  2. Hi again, so sorry about your experience in 2010 and how you were treated by the police/ legal system. It’s truly disgusting.
    I personally know how rape can affect your life and the lives of those around you (especially your children/ partners etc..).
    Sounds like you could make an excellent advocate for women or educator.
    I hear you regarding being a mother, I have four children but my youngest is 13 so I’m a bit freer to start working.
    I also need money… desperately!!
    I’m on my own and have been recovering from trauma, I haven’t been able to work for some years but finally feel healed enough to start.
    I think being a curandera sounds amazing. I live in New Zealand and yesterday I was reading about a woman who was born here but has Russian/ Cherokee Indian Ancestry and has come from a line of healers. She is a ‘medicine woman’ and works with our country’s native plants. She is highly recognized and charges $225 (NZD) per/hour!! That’s $150 USD. She is completely booked up until May and only has a few days available in May!
    There are so many people that need help with healing and guidance and have tried the medical profession and need deeper answers.

    I also think you have to surround yourself with people that support and believe in you (you find them.. after you let go of the ones that make you feel bad! :o( I spent many years alone rather than being with (so calleds) friends and family that didn’t really ‘get me’ (or really care to..).

    Just wondering.. have you had a shamanic awakening or spiritual awakening/ crisis? I had one 12 years ago after doing yoga and eating a vegan alkaline diet. It was terrifying at the time. I had no idea what was happening to me. I had 2 weeks of visions and super heightened intuition. I understand it now, it really showed me what my gifts were but at the time… terribly confusing and traumatic :o( and very hard to find someone you can trust to talk to about these things (like a spiritual teacher/ mentor/ healer..).

    I’ve been battling with this choice for 12 years and now the time has come that I feel ready and healed enough to start. Like you, I always knew I was a healer but it’s a process getting there. Keep learning and enjoy your children as they grow, you could find a fun or creative way to make money until the timing feels right?

  3. You can do it 💕We can do it💕The world needs healers💕It does not mean you have to be perfect.

    Your intention is more important than exact technique. The words will come to you as you feel the energy and needs of the client. And the particular way of doing the techniques reveals itself as you are working with the client.

    You cannot really envision what will happen before a session with a new client. But your empathy and humanity are strong. You will feel their energies and where the emotional wounds are, as you are going along in the session

    It is WHO you are that the client is paying you for. …more than what you do.

    Much love and healing energies,
    Annie 💕💕💕💃💃💃💕💕🎵🎵🎵🐇🐇🐇🐇

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