Missed Connections

Love, Lost and Found

I remember a guy I met only once years ago at a hotel New Year’s Eve party. He was easy to be with and we talked just the two of us until 5 am. We clicked and I felt safe with him. He gave me his contact details to meet up again but somehow I lost them..

I still think of him now and again, and I guess we all have memories of missed connections because they really leave a mark on us. But on another level some things are just not meant to be.

Really ‘there are no accidents’, so in retrospect I don’t think it was an accident that I lost his details. As perfect as he was, on a subconscious level the timing was out.

He was ready for me but I wasn’t ready for him :o(

What type of cosmic cruelty is that!!!

SG x


4 thoughts on “Missed Connections

  1. I also have an experience of someone that felt like a soul mate, born the same day we met when I was 23 in Greece and we were supposed to reconnect a few years later. It didn’t happen due to circumstances. I often think of him, but know it just wasn’t meant to be.

    • I tend to believe it’s not meant to be ..still really hard though :o( It did show me that there are great guys out there. Not only was he intelligent, non pushy, a good listener, a good soul, he was really handsome too! Ughhh :o( Pushes me to become healthier on all levels because I want to attract a great guy and be ready next time!!

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