Love is..

 Love Is Bringing Each Other Pancakes

Love is bringing each other pancakes

 Love Is Looking After Each Other

Love is caring for each other

 Love Is Celebrating Together

Love is celebrating together

 Love Is Having Someone To Listen To Your Problems

Love is cheering each other up

 Love is Watching Your Favorite TV Shows Together

Love is chilling out with your favorite snacks

 Love Is Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Love is having someone to relax with

 Love Is Always Helping Out

Love is helping out

 Love Is Amazing Hugs

Love is hugging

 Love Is Just Being With Each Other

Love is just simply being with each other

 Love Is Making Each Other Laugh

Love is laughing with each other

 Love Is Sharing With Each Other

Love is sharing

 Love Is Shopping Together

Love is shopping together

 Love Is Singing Together

Love is singing together

 Love Is Having Someone To Hold When You Sleep

Love is someone to hold at night

 Love Is Dancing Together

Love is someone to let go with

Love Is Surprise Hugs

Love is unexpected hugs

 Love Is Visiting Places Together

Love is visiting places together

 Love Is Looking Out For Your Partner

Love is waking up your partner when they need to get up

 Love Is In The Small Gifts

Love is watching your partner when they don't realize you are looking

 Love Is Someone Holding You When You Feel Sad

Love wipe away tears

 Love Is Cooking For Each Other

Love home cooked dinner

 Love Is A Comfortable Silence

Love is a comfortable silence

 Love Is A Kiss On The Forehead

Love is a kiss on the forehead

 Love Is Appreciating The World With Your Partner

Love is apprieciating the world around you

 Love Is Laughing Over Dinner

Love is doing special things with your partne

 Love Is Doing The Difficult Jobs Together

Love is doing the difficult tasks together

 Love Is Getting Into Routines

Love is doing things together

 Love Is Falling Asleep On The Sofa

Love is falling asleep on the sofa

 Love Is Trusting Your Partner And Having Fun Together

Love is having fun together

 Love Is Tucking Each Other In

Love is looking after each other

 Love Is Magical Moments

Love is magical moments

 Love Is Thinking Of Each Other When You’re Alone

Love is missing each other

 Love Is Waking Up Your Partner To Say Goodbye

Love is remembering to say goodbye

 Love Is Precious Memories

Love is sharing special memories

 Love Is Napping Together

Love is someone to share the world with

 Love Is Someone Holding You When You Cry

Love is someone with you when you feel most alone

 Love Is Being Proud Of Your Partner

Love is supporting each other's successes

 Love Is Surprise Kisses

Love is suprise kisses

 Love Is Going Out Of Your Way To Make Your Partner Happy

Love is surprising each other

 Love Is Playing Around Together

Love is playing with each other


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