Intentionally Redefining Friendship And The People That Influence Us

“The environment in which you live—the people you see—affects your ability to make changes. People who are working to grow and change in their own lives will support you with encouragement and by example. People who are living out patterns you’re trying to break will continually suck you back in. Respect the power of influence.”

~ The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis

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2 thoughts on “Intentionally Redefining Friendship And The People That Influence Us

  1. This is so true and something I experienced again and again. One cannot change if the environment they live in does not actively support change and even undermines it. The beauty of the new technology is that it doesn’t matter where we exist around the globe we can be in touch with people who work actively to change their lives. I had to remove myself from such environments and then I realised that I wasn’t alone, despite the fact that I live alone. Isolation is a choice. Living alone is a choice. But living alone does not mean live isolated. And the strange and beautiful thing that happens is that when we work on ourselves we tend to attract the right people. Distances are irrelevant.

  2. The Courage to Heal is on my to read list. I love this passage as it speaks directly to the reason why I don’t have contact with one family member. Other family doesn’t understand and I think I’m going to send them this quote. Thanks for sharing.

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