Love This

Dear Ones –

Here’s an encouraging reminder, for any of you out there who might still be suffering from the trauma-inducing misconception that you’re supposed to be in charge of shit all the time.


Let us not forget: Greater forces than us are running the show. The world doesn’t turn because we personally turn it. Step back for a minute and see how the show still goes on, even when we release the white-knuckle grip we have on the imaginary steering wheel of destiny.

It’s all gonna be OK.

Onward, and a big exhale,
LG (Elizabeth Gilbert)

2 thoughts on “Love This

  1. Yes, it is OK to not be in control of everything. It seems that the people most against me and who most abused me were my own family members-people whom I should have been able to trust. So yes, its been one crisis after another because of them and I may not ever just “get over it”. But that’s OK.

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